Women’s beauty secrets

In his last article, “How to attract a man,” I talked about his view of female attractiveness. Today we talk about beauty.

Of course, this is not the same thing. You probably noticed that many of the less beautiful women out of your life, often live much happier home life than you. It is also true that many sexy women, who may seem to you more beautiful than you can enter a list of the most miserable and lonely people in the world.

Goes, beauty – not the main, or at least not the only criteria that guide men in choosing a life partner. So what is beauty? What is her secret? Of course, beautiful women can be called the feature, which is given to us by nature. But at the same time, of course, the beauty of the impact can be. And we must. How? Now let’s talk. Continue reading

Like – not like?

Like - not like?How do you know that your cavalier feeds serious feelings? Roman at the peak, but suddenly, like nimble snake crept to you unpleasant thought: “Are there really passionate fan feels for me hot sexy girls soft spot?”

Words of love he has not uttered. Alone admiring compliments and hot cues. What if he was an ordinary lady’s man, and the book for him just another check mark personal victories?

Of course, the powers that be a different internal organization than we have, ladies, pretty emotional creatures. A man can keep his feelings locked up, trying in every situation skillfully hide everything that’s going on in his mind. However, as he does not mask the emotions, being in love is still hard to hide under the guise of the “Stone Knight.” And yet, how to understand – whether a man feels for you at least some sense? Continue reading

Why men leave: Lessons female wisdom

Why men leave: Lessons female wisdomThe men went to the other beautiful women not to hurt his Russian girlfriend, and not because of the other breast to two sizes larger or longer legs. But to understand why he left – need to unpleasant situation is not repeated again.

Russian women are sometimes provoke a man, not even imagining that one day he just collects things and leave. And, unfortunately, only then will be too late to fix it.

The man did not go to the other, try to make the atmosphere in your home remains bright and friendly. Believe me, from a happy family man leaves.

Let the following tips will help you avoid mistakes in the relationship with your partner.

1. The man did not leave, do not manipulate them and threatened that if he did not go your way, you end the relationship.

And do not put him to choose – either you or his mother (friends, work, hobbies). Look at myself, try to honestly assess their behavior – it is wise to you acting like this? Do you take care of the beloved, if you value your happiness? What he sees you coming home – smiling and happy, or sullen and moody? All this is of great importance to family relationships. Continue reading

Why not man gives flowers

Why not man gives flowersAlmost every Russian woman wants to receive a gift flowers more often than it is. Almost every man frankly do not understand.

Beautiful women need ongoing emotional nourishment – proof of love’s choice. So uncomplicated proof is given a bouquet or a single rose – no matter the important fact. During courtship colors were many, and in their joint life suddenly became a beautiful woman and wondered why the man does not gives flowers.
Reason on the surface.

During courtship, a man really proves that he loves. Once married, he already proved. It is hard to disagree. Is there a stronger proof of love than marriage? No. This is the warehouse male mind. More mathematical and pragmatic. From a male point of view, flowers – waste of money, they wilted and everything and no joy, and practical use and was not. Continue reading

Heart-to-heart talk

Heart-to-heart talkThe man with the world and Russian women are found, they are tied relationship, which often leads to cohabitation.

But, according to statistics in the world now, on average every second marriage breaks up (and this is only the data of registered relationship).
If we reject the very common causes of divorce of our modern world – the psychological and practical lack of preparation for marriage, adultery, alcoholism, it is one reason it is a simple misunderstanding, or rather unwillingness to understand each other’s feelings. But a simple heart-to-heart talk can significantly reduce the number of divorces in the world …

A man and a Russian woman decide to live together, and they are very happy at first, but suddenly there is a lot of problems.

You look at it and it annoys you, He is hanging over you, he rarely speaks to you compliments and words of love and, increasingly nars hurt you accidentally thrown phrases, but you just closes and experiencing their grievances, build a massive fence between Him and you for protection against new offenses. Continue reading

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