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Russian girlsLittle Russian girls have always found his calling on the boards of the stage, circus, variety.

In the seventies, perhaps the most popular team of midgets had a mini music hall Igor Dolsky. Today – a theater-cabaret “People” Helena Kachalova. Seemed interesting to us the idea to meet with the two generations of actresses. On the secrets of health and beauty reflects the former lead singer of the famous band I. Dolsky Maria Ivanova.

– Maria, you look great. The secret to beautiful Russian women’s health and charm?
– In order to look good, be starting at about 25 years, to deal with them – to maintain your fitness, take care of your face. We, the artists, are conducting night-life and health and well-being depend on the correct mode. It is therefore imperative to get enough sleep. I, for example, in order to look good, you need to sleep at least eight hours a day.
– You have a beautiful young face. Give the recipe, how to care for the skin.
– Of course, all beautiful Russian girls know what to do facials. Now it is very, very popular clay masks. They are made from special white and gray clay, which is sold in pharmacies. Take clay, water her divorce until thick cream, put on the face, on top you put some towels in order to keep it from drying out so quickly. And an hour and a half to rest and to think only of pleasure. Then neatly lines off your face a frozen mask of cloth soaked in the warmth – and all. Clay is oily, it is well nourishes the skin and face after such masks is clean and fresh, like a baby. Clay masks try to do at least twice a month. But it is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Buy 50 grams of clay for 25 rubles – this is enough for one mask, and what can be done with one session? Especially because every time you need to impose new clay. So I mostly use masks from dairy products. Sour cream can be applied to the face more often, once a week. – Do you mean that an ordinary cream has a cosmetic effect?

– Yes, a lot of useful properties of sour cream. Fresh cream contains acids that nourish and soften the skin. The skin becomes softer. But mostly I’m doing the egg mask. I have dry skin, and the skin is useful for such an egg yolk and honey, with a good vegetable oil, preferably olive. Be sure to add there some vitamins, such as vitamin E, which is very useful for dry skin. Obtained very hydrating mask.
– All is well, but that is probably takes a lot of time? – The masks must be kept for at least half an hour. And all the masks should be sure to take lying down. Must lie with a slight smile on your face and think, of course, only the good. In this position, the facial muscles relax. All smooth wrinkles, leaving the ears.
– As you age you want, you do not want is the accumulation of fat. Uncover the secret of how do you keep a slim figure? – Working in an ensemble, this is easier to do because there is constant work, daily rehearsals, performances and tours. Exist when in this mode, it will necessarily slim. With the problem of excess weight I faced when I finished his artistic career. Immediately began to improve. And still do not consider myself thin. While I watch your weight, keep it under control.
– How? Dieting, doing special exercises? – No, no, I do not stick to diets. I eat everything. Very much I love cheese, I love meat. Husband to feed meat dishes. But dairy products – cheese, sour cream – I almost eliminated from your diet. Shaping has various special exercises, but I personally do not do anything, because have a lot of running around the house. While this is slightly different, but still wash slopes, cleaning – it is also gymnastics. And, of course, try not to load up on the night.
– Do you have any specific problems with health? – The fact is that at my age, and I am already 60 years old, beautiful Russian girls begin to show a variety of ailments, make themselves known chronic diseases. At us it is also connected with a professional
activity. I came to the band in 17 years, in general, during the formation of the female body. We traveled the whole country, we had to act in the cities and towns where there were good conditions.
There was not like now, event locations, they were ordinary houses of culture or just clubs. We worked in the open air, in unheated areas where the muzzle of all the holes where the floor was cold, and the walls and ceilings lay frost. As a young man at all uneasy, but gradually the cold, hypothermia, disease accumulated and this affects the health now. And the legs are sore, and pens, and back, in general, the whole set – and rheumatism and osteoporosis, and low back pain. Have to be treated.
– I wonder what treatments do you use?
– I try not to abuse chemical substances. The first thing to do when I start to drink ailments different herbs. As I once said to my mother in law, Take what you have grass, just mix them all and drink constantly. You can add a little tea. And the body will be cleaned quietly, because every blade of grass, even the most that neither is the plantain, brings, of course, far greater benefit than synthetic drugs.
– What are the herbs you use for self?
– And chamomile, and tutsan, and everlasting, and buds of birch, and all that is at hand. I read the pamphlet Valentina Grass on herbal medicine, where she writes, which is very useful birch leaves. Plucking the leaves, it is necessary to bow to birch, to ask for her health. And grass that grows along the road, are also useful. You can simply make and take, for example, the same bath of herbs.
It is very healing, very good for rheumatic pains. But this takes time, and, of course, not all  Russian women are able to find it. And since I’m already retired, I try to let the young days, and a small, but find to take care of ourselves, our health. Over the years, of course, accumulated fatigue, could not be helped. Therefore it is useful from time to time just to soak for ten minutes, relax, and, as always, just think of something good.
– What do you think about the healing properties of hardening bath treatment? – With some water of course, involves a lot of what helps beautiful women to become attractive and healthy. But I do not like any Russian bath or sauna. Prefer douches, alternately cool, then hot. If your health allows you to pour cold water on a method of Porfiry Ivanov, it is a great happiness. Many Russian girl may even allow yourself to swim in an ice hole – is happy people. I do not do winter swimming, but I try to pour sponge oneself down, or at least very cold water. Add in the ice water from the cooler common salt, stir it, then wetting or waffle towel and quickly wipe the whole body, from heels and ending neck – this is a good procedure.
– Do you feel the psychological discomfort due to his unpredictable growth?
– As a youth, of course, it’s terrible effect on the nerves. When you hear somewhere behind a whisper or frankly can say the word, which is not very pleasant. And with age already look at it a little bit through his fingers. Well, it is unpleasant, but I was more appropriate to treat it, and if what I was nervous, I was just silent. Better at this smile than snarl. In general, it is always better to go with a smile. From this and the person will be fresher and the mood is getting better. Even if you have a cat scratching at heart, and you keep the theater, Hollywood smile, you still walk away with the wrinkles of the face. So I would advise women to always smile. If you’re even a little smile, the eyes will sparkle, and this you will become more appealing. I was a thousand times that I was smiling on the outside, and an ordinary man telling me what you’re done, you must be very happy.
– What would you wish to our readers?
– Often, for example, you see: there is a Russian girl with heavy bags, her head stuffed with their problems and worries about children and grandchildren. Want to say, take time for yourself. You’re out on the street, well, slightly lift the breasts, look forward. Even if you go to the store or to the market, “put on” for a smile, lift your mood. Because a smile is always fascinating. And any  Russian woman – beautiful and ugly, young and middle-aged – is charming and cute when smile.
Questions answered by the soloist of theater-cabaret “People” Inna Sushkova. – Ina, such work as yours, requires not only good health, but also excellent physical shape?
– Yes, we try to keep the shape. Every day we have rehearsals, classes in choreography. First, go through the classic class, and then we are having a jazz class, and then we begin to rehearse the numbers with the director, a choreographer. At first it was difficult for me and the other Russian girls are very swelled up. After all, people gathered nonprofessional who had never engaged in choreography, so to speak, self-taught. And when we started rehearsing in earnest, we have earned a very different muscles in the legs, back, arms.
And from the very large loads muscles ached. When a person is engaged in the class and stop annoying, he stresses on the joints begin to swell. Many had cramps, swollen feet. Girls come to a rehearsal and said, what about your feet? We can not walk. What do we do? We were flying feet, packs do. But time passed, and the muscles used to the stress, and now we already have everything in order. We are pleased that stepped over the pain. I think that any professional actor, leaving the scene, forget about all your aches and tries to look as great as ever.
– You all are slim, elegant, how do you manage not to grow fat? – Actually, my beautiful girls support each other, and if someone gets better, and it is always visible, we say: you’re well again, need to lose weight. And as if to each other set up for it. But since every day we have a class, we can easily round up the extra pounds. During the weekend, of course, try to restrict your diet.
– I wonder what you had for breakfast today?
– Two eggs, cereal, cheese, and tea. I eat everything, but a little. I try to eliminate from your diet salt and sugar. Although I am a terrible sweet tooth, but you have to sacrifice, to limit yourself to baked goods, in cakes and cakes, because they are influenced by weight. So, if I eat a piece of cake, then immediately deprived of lunch.
– What style of make-up do you close?
– In life I prefer light make-up, and on the stage – brighter. If, for instance, working under Cleopatra, she must dye in oriental style. In every way I try to emphasize the good things in the woman whom I play.
– For a woman to be beautiful, to be a psychological incentive, is not it?
– Of course. Our director has always taught us: walking down the street, his nose up, back straight and hold internally tell yourself that you are better, you are beautiful. From this, in fact, it becomes easier, you go and you do not notice that you’re there for someone’s belt or shoulder. Behaving like all normal people. Of course, it happens on the street or in the trolley people start to stare at you, or aloud to teach children, who we are, why. This is certainly not pleasant, but we have a child harden themselves psychologically, knowing that we are small.
Often people simply fit to talk. Men say: oh, how beautiful, or how attractive. Answer them with a smile. I think any woman to do so.  Russian Women’s essence includes the charm, flavor, distinctive look. A Russian girls must create the desire, deep inner feelings. If a man pays attention to her, then she wants to or not, she unwittingly begins to flirt and flirt.
– It is said that only love makes a Russian woman happy?
– Yes, I agree. Because when a woman falls in love, it just blossoms. Fortunately, I love and I know that I am loved. And if people love, I think he do not have any complexes. Because love gives a sense of inner confidence. When I feel confident, then I find it easier to live and generally easier given. So I would encourage all women, regardless of their growth more to smile and be confident in yourself, and the rest will follow.

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