In the Russian city of Vladivostok have chosen “Miss Coast 2012.”

russian girlIn Vladivostok, the final of “Miss Coast 2012.” Of the 12 girls jury had to choose one – very bright, glamorous and smart, one that will be worthy to wear the title of the local beauty queen.

Contestant, as always, had to pass several tests: a swimsuit fashion show, an intellectual contest, fashion show in a wedding dress. Participants not only shine with her charm and beauty, but also erudite and plastics in the dance.

The jury and the audience were presented creativity nominees. I enjoy the girls have been very diverse and extensive: from hobbies water bike to Eastern dance and martial arts.

Many of the girls have participated in the competition for the first time. Some of them said that their destiny is not going to associate with modeling.

“Time on stage flew too fast and want to repeat all of these feelings. I do not expect anything special from the competition, it’s just another interesting event in the life to test their strength and capacity,” – said one of the participants Olesya Georgia.

“Something new is always fun and gives a lot of experience in my life” – says another beauty Catherine Arnaut.


Oksana Chizhov dispelled rumors that the intrigues contenders each other in preparation for the event. She wished good luck to all the girls, and stressed that “all on good terms, help each other and are equally worthy of winning”

As a result, in the opinion of the jury, the title of “Miss Coast 2012” went to high school senior Catherine Ryabko.

“Vice-Miss Coast” was a student of Artem Oksana Chizhov.

The title of “Miss Vladivostok” awarded 20-year Tatiana Sukhorukov.

Rest of the women mentioned in various categories:

“Miss Grace” – Oksana Chizhov

“Miss Perfection” – Jana Noskov

“Miss Wellness” – Anna Sergeeva

“Miss Talent” – Anastasia Zagnoyko

“Miss Style” – Catherine Arnaut

“Miss Sympathy” – Tatiana Sukhorukov

“Miss Passion” – Tatiana Grinchenko

“Miss Positive” – ​​Catherine Ryabko

“Miss Expression” – Catherine Baksheeva

“Miss Photogenic” – Eugene Dorofeeva

“Miss Intellect” – Alexander Anissina

“Miss People’s Choice Award” – Olesya Georgian


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