Beautiful girl

Like – not like?

Like - not like?How do you know that your cavalier feeds serious feelings? Roman at the peak, but suddenly, like nimble snake crept to you unpleasant thought: “Are there really passionate fan feels for me hot sexy girls soft spot?”

Words of love he has not uttered. Alone admiring compliments and hot cues. What if he was an ordinary lady’s man, and the book for him just another check mark personal victories?

Of course, the powers that be a different internal organization than we have, ladies, pretty emotional creatures. A man can keep his feelings locked up, trying in every situation skillfully hide everything that’s going on in his mind. However, as he does not mask the emotions, being in love is still hard to hide under the guise of the “Stone Knight.” And yet, how to understand – whether a man feels for you at least some sense? Continue reading

Why guys are afraid of beautiful Russian girls?

79cDTxDY0k4Just want to disprove the title – this is not the guys and russian girls that not only will make themselves beautiful, so more and scare guys.

No, nothing to do with beauty. If you – hot babe that has all the characteristics of a reference point, and the guys in front of you timid or stop ringing after two or three visits, then blame yourself, not your looks. In general, the russian women decided to blame the men in many evils only because they do not want themselves to change attitudes. Of course, you need to take care of yourself, go to the beauty salon, to eat, to dress stylishly, but still not the point. So why guys become afraid of russian girls?.

Talk about male insecurity can be long, and in some cases it is present. Fear of failure when meeting with a beautiful girl extremely negative impact on delicate male psyche. A man who for once gets into that situation, experiences further problems, not only in his personal life, but also in communicating with others and career. Continue reading

How do I know the desire of beautiful girl.

Russian girlsRussian Girls – nature timid and shy, and even if not, his image of an independent pesto and unapproachable beauty.

The first guy to get acquainted with a pleasing, to say the phrase “to you or me?” Made it clear that you want sex – for them indecent and unacceptable.
In general, it is unlikely they will tell you in plain text about their sexual desires. How do you know the russian girl and wish to understand that they are in your line of sight beautiful girl wants sex? We must look for non-verbal signs – that is, to read “body language.” Subsequent to the way it behaves.
If a russian girl is deliberately touches your body (especially the chest and arms), not dodging (or dodges, but not immediately) from your grasp, so she wants to be closer to you in every way. She can pull over to please her man while dancing, laughing at some joke or his in mock fear. Very intimate and “talking” gestures to feed a man with it, is from his plate, hug from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder or pressing it to his neck. All this means that it wants sex with you. Continue reading

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