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Big Secrets young beautiful girls.

Russian girlsLittle Russian girls have always found his calling on the boards of the stage, circus, variety.

In the seventies, perhaps the most popular team of midgets had a mini music hall Igor Dolsky. Today – a theater-cabaret “People” Helena Kachalova. Seemed interesting to us the idea to meet with the two generations of actresses. On the secrets of health and beauty reflects the former lead singer of the famous band I. Dolsky Maria Ivanova.

– Maria, you look great. The secret to beautiful Russian women’s health and charm?
– In order to look good, be starting at about 25 years, to deal with them – to maintain your fitness, take care of your face. We, the artists, are conducting night-life and health and well-being depend on the correct mode. It is therefore imperative to get enough sleep. I, for example, in order to look good, you need to sleep at least eight hours a day.
– You have a beautiful young face. Give the recipe, how to care for the skin.
– Of course, all beautiful Russian girls know what to do facials. Now it is very, very popular clay masks. They are made from special white and gray clay, which is sold in pharmacies. Take clay, water her divorce until thick cream, put on the face, on top you put some towels in order to keep it from drying out so quickly. And an hour and a half to rest and to think only of pleasure. Then neatly lines off your face a frozen mask of cloth soaked in the warmth – and all. Continue reading

Echo blondes – Elena Gornostaeva

russian-womanBack in 2008, the year the student Elena Gornostaeva at our information support won the contest Radio Energy «Battle Blondes” and became the leading morning show Black2White.

While fans of the aspiring DJ recognize her only by voice. We showed them what other talents hides ether. Perhaps because of our shooting and Lena was a trial period – and this is the fourth year mercilessly wakes you in the wake of 104.2. During this time we managed to lose the video to her – and to find again. For four years, it has become even better: Consistent well seasoned and were filled with new notes.

Tell us how you decided to join the fierce “battle of blondes?”
Standing in a traffic jam, I heard the announcement of the casting for the role of leading the morning show Black 2 White. I filled a questionnaire about a week – a very responsible attitude to this. Listened to almost all of esters to win. And won – year contract to broadcast on Radio Energy! Continue reading

Vera Brezhnev beautiful Russian girl actress.

russian girlThe most beautiful girl Vera Brezhnev – Ukrainian singer, actress, TV host, former member of pop group VIA Gra.

Vera Brezhnev, Galuska real name, was born in the Ukrainian heartland – in a suburb of Dnepropetrovsk Dneprodzerzhinsk – February 3, 1982. In the family of a member of Pridneprovsk chemical plant workers and steel plant, except the Faith, the younger three daughters – Galina older and younger twins Victoria and Anastasia.
Faith pushed to the stage dad. While on holiday in one of the houses of rest he put 4-year-old Faith on stage and said, “Dance.” Since then, the Russian girl can not stop. In high school, by the way, was the star of the future celebrity parties. She was well danced, played leading roles in plays, as well as participate in sports.
Since childhood, Vera Brezhnev devoted much time to his appearance, and education. Woman involved in sports, dancing, went to music school and took part in school competitions and performances. About a career in show business Vera never thought. In adolescence, the future actress dreamed of going to law school. As a result, she became a student of the correspondence department of Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Transport Engineers, majoring in economics. Graduate courses secretaries and even the drivers who worked with tutors in foreign languages. Continue reading

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Echo blondes - Elena Gornostaeva
Back in 2008, the year the student Elena Gornostaeva at our information support won the contest Radio Energy «Battle Blondes" and became the leading morning show Black2White. While fans of the aspiring DJ recognize her…...