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Why not man gives flowers

Why not man gives flowersAlmost every Russian woman wants to receive a gift flowers more often than it is. Almost every man frankly do not understand.

Beautiful women need ongoing emotional nourishment – proof of love’s choice. So uncomplicated proof is given a bouquet or a single rose – no matter the important fact. During courtship colors were many, and in their joint life suddenly became a beautiful woman and wondered why the man does not gives flowers.
Reason on the surface.

During courtship, a man really proves that he loves. Once married, he already proved. It is hard to disagree. Is there a stronger proof of love than marriage? No. This is the warehouse male mind. More mathematical and pragmatic. From a male point of view, flowers – waste of money, they wilted and everything and no joy, and practical use and was not. Continue reading

Heart-to-heart talk

Heart-to-heart talkThe man with the world and Russian women are found, they are tied relationship, which often leads to cohabitation.

But, according to statistics in the world now, on average every second marriage breaks up (and this is only the data of registered relationship).
If we reject the very common causes of divorce of our modern world – the psychological and practical lack of preparation for marriage, adultery, alcoholism, it is one reason it is a simple misunderstanding, or rather unwillingness to understand each other’s feelings. But a simple heart-to-heart talk can significantly reduce the number of divorces in the world …

A man and a Russian woman decide to live together, and they are very happy at first, but suddenly there is a lot of problems.

You look at it and it annoys you, He is hanging over you, he rarely speaks to you compliments and words of love and, increasingly nars hurt you accidentally thrown phrases, but you just closes and experiencing their grievances, build a massive fence between Him and you for protection against new offenses. Continue reading

Where to find a good Russian girl?

What unites all the single russian women?Russian girls

They all want to find a beautiful girlfriend. Just do not know where to find a girlfriend? The question is really complicated. It’s not as easy as it seems. Just because the first counter to not go up and say, “your mother-in-law is not needed?”. Many people do so, but for most it is an insurmountable barrier. What if she does not want to talk, and suddenly she was busy, etc. This is really scary. But we have to overcome this barrier. But you can not just meet on the street, why? There are a lot of other places.

Shopping center.

But after the street on so many russian girls. And where a lot of them? That’s right, in the shopping centers. All beautiful girls like shopping. It relaxes them. But that’s not all. Almost all shopping centers are young russian girls consultant. This is also a good option.

For a beautiful woman in the store is not as easy as it seems. The fact is that one by one they go there often, and if a beautiful girl is in the crowd, then there will be much more difficult. Better acquainted with that which is alone.

Only here before and come to learn, always first be like her. And a little watch. Suddenly, she came with a guy. Then you’d better not be suitable, especially if it is 2 meters tall. And just you yourself will be unpleasant. So, before you meet, you need to carefully look for the russian girl. Continue reading

Heart-to-heart talk
The man with the world and Russian women are found, they are tied relationship, which often leads to cohabitation. But, according to statistics in the world now, on average every second marriage breaks up (and…...
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