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How to find a life partner

How to find a life partnerSmart, beautiful, and just a nice cute girl in his youth left alone. Mature thirty years is not far off, and it, strong man’s shoulder, still no.

What prevents many Russian women to marry and the difference between real desire to get married to some ulterior motive?

Lonely Russian girl more than anything wants to get an answer to the most important, in her view, the question is where to find the very prince on a white horse? However, this question is to ask yourself in the end.

After all, the desire to get married can be very misleading, if not distorted. So, before you speak out of the desire to get married – pull out their hidden motives, which are not to be confused with the true desires.

Married on demand

If before the concept of “women’s biological clock” was seen as a cause for your calm, but now these three “magic” words can affect you as a team “to start.” After all, your age is nearing maturity, and on all sides and only heard that you sat in the girls and time would have to think seriously about marriage. Continue reading

Big Secrets young beautiful girls.

Russian girlsLittle Russian girls have always found his calling on the boards of the stage, circus, variety.

In the seventies, perhaps the most popular team of midgets had a mini music hall Igor Dolsky. Today – a theater-cabaret “People” Helena Kachalova. Seemed interesting to us the idea to meet with the two generations of actresses. On the secrets of health and beauty reflects the former lead singer of the famous band I. Dolsky Maria Ivanova.

– Maria, you look great. The secret to beautiful Russian women’s health and charm?
– In order to look good, be starting at about 25 years, to deal with them – to maintain your fitness, take care of your face. We, the artists, are conducting night-life and health and well-being depend on the correct mode. It is therefore imperative to get enough sleep. I, for example, in order to look good, you need to sleep at least eight hours a day.
– You have a beautiful young face. Give the recipe, how to care for the skin.
– Of course, all beautiful Russian girls know what to do facials. Now it is very, very popular clay masks. They are made from special white and gray clay, which is sold in pharmacies. Take clay, water her divorce until thick cream, put on the face, on top you put some towels in order to keep it from drying out so quickly. And an hour and a half to rest and to think only of pleasure. Then neatly lines off your face a frozen mask of cloth soaked in the warmth – and all. Continue reading

Little secrets of big beautiful Russian women: how to look slimmer.

Russian girls3In pursuit of harmony Russian women resort to a variety of techniques and tricks: a well-known and not so universal and those that are not for everyone.

Concluding the series of articles on how to dress plump Russian girls, we offer a few more tips, many of which you will be able successfully to try on.
Wear dark wide belts that are a bit loose at the waist. This accessory will make your figure more proportional and slim waist.
Elegant jewelry to help visually lengthen the face and neck. Long necklaces, earrings and chains is better to wear as applicable, and not overdo it, pick one. If you have a round face and full neck, do not wear short large round beads and large earrings so you’ll look even better.

Large bags visually make the figure slimmer and slimmer. But do not choose a bag is too big, if your height is small.
Blouse or jacket with buttons in a row will make your figure slimmer. It triggered the law of vertical strips that are known to prolong the figure.
Vertical inserts on the sides (at the waist or hips) can visually reduce the size of the whole of your size! It is advisable to insert were of a darker fabric than the thing itself.
The fact that dark colors visually reduce the figure, there is even a scientific explanation. The human eye is designed so that all dark it seems smaller than the light. Therefore Russian beautiful girls in the body, wanting to hide it, it is better to give preference to dress brown, dark purple, dark blue and black. Continue reading

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