In the contest “Miss Moscow – 2012” The winner chose two

russian lady The final show of the beauty contest “Miss Moscow 2012” and press conference on the event, held at Cetera Theater on July 17.

Celebration of beauty, opened the meeting with the organizers of journalists – the chairman of the Council of All-Russian Public Movement “Russian Beauty”, the director of beauty contests “Miss Moscow” and “Beauty of Russia” Tatiana Andreeva and chairman of the jury of the contest “Miss Moscow”, the president of the Association of Russian Alexander Inshakova stunt. Besides them, the briefing was attended by Russian matchmaker, President of the Center revival of family traditions and Rose Syabitova winner “Miss Moscow 2010” Natalia Pereverzeva.
After Ms. Andreeva and Mr. Inshakov girls wished good luck and hoped that each of them will be able to hit the audience and jury of beauty and talent, the word has taken the most famous matchmaker Russia. Ms. Syabitova began his speech by saying: “Do not fail, and the beauty of the Russian land is not scanty for many years,” and then noted that, contrary to popular belief in Moscow unmarried women less than unmarried men (over 1 million singles have only 800 thousand members of the fairer sex). Rose admitted that today, not only to participate in the selection of the most beautiful Muscovites, but also find the girls for the First Russian National Ball brides and grooms, scheduled for September 30. And Natalia Pereverzeva, endowing all those present with a warm smile, expressed confidence that the winner of the contest will be the best in everything: beauty, goodness and mercy.


For the title of the main beauties of the capital fought 28 girls aged 16 to 26 years. The jury of the contest “Miss Moscow 2012”, in addition to participants of the briefing, met the chief director of the State Kremlin Palace Evgeny Glazov, the winner of the title “Beauty of Russia-2010” Daria Konovalov, winner of the title “Beauty of Russia-2009″ Eugene Lapovo, the leading TV channel ” World »Alex chess and other prominent figures of culture and art.
Central intrigue of the event was that the jury had to choose just two beauty queens – “Miss Moscow 2012” and “Beauty of Moscow 2012.” The reason of such non-trivial solutions are organizational plates, resulting in the final show of “Miss Moscow-2011” has been postponed to the following year, and combined with the contest “Miss Moscow 2012”. Participants who were selected and prepared for the competition last year, were allowed to participate in this show of beautiful women. However, the audience was waiting for the show yet another innovation: the organizers refused the usual drop-out participants after each round. This was done in order to provide additional opportunities for girls and give to all lovers of beauty even more unforgettable experience and the pleasure of a delicious show.
This holiday beauty held under the slogan “Moscow – the music of the soul,” so the most important criterion for participants was their ability to create a harmonious way, organically woven into the music.
After the opening parade in tiny dresses, cast in gold and silver, the girls had to walk across the stage to the sound of the songs of Madonna and ABBA, and dance rock and roll. Participants appeared in dresses from Ivanovo fashion made in retro style, and so effectively demonstrated their amazing looks and plastic body that tore round of applause. The third release was a welcome parade in swimsuits (host of the evening, Alexander Oleshko even joked that many people come to the competition just for this tour.) At this time of grace and chiseled beauty girls emphasized models of brand underwear Incanto. Pause between outputs contestants filled performances of Russian pop stars, among them Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin, Zara, the group “Prime Minister”, the budding singer Anna Volkova and others
This year, special attention was paid to the preparation of the choreographic girls. In the decisive fourth round of “Talent Show” practically all worthy contestants coped with this challenge: correspondent TV show “Army shop” Olga Pshenitsky danced seductive rumba, Svetlana Morgunova subdued rhythmic Barrens, Irina Alekseeva showed amazing body control in complex acrobatic miniature Vinogradov and Hope Alla Ozhigina sang rousing samba. But completely charmed Hall Alain Klimenko, who delighted the audience and judges dancing in jazz and unusually beautiful blue dress, perfectly highlights the subtle beauty of the girl.
In the end, it was Alain Klimenko, 25-year-old graduate of the Russian State Social University, Development Director IT-company, was “Miss Moscow 2012”. By tradition, the newly formed beauty queen received the crown from the previous winners of the contest “Miss Moscow 2010” Natalia Pereverzeva. And the title “Beauty of Moscow 2012” and the film “Miss Moscow-2011” was awarded a 25-year-old graduate of the Moscow State University of Food Production Marina Shutov. Both winners will represent the capital of the All-Russian contest “Beauty of Russia”.
The title of “young Miss Moscow-2012” was awarded to Svetlana Morgunova, the title of “Adolescent Krasa Moscow-2012” – Irina Alekseeva, the first “Vice-Miss Moscow-2012” was Alain Rogulj, and the first “Beauty of Moscow 2012” – Elina Kireeva. In addition, Svetlana Morgunova was awarded the title of “Miss” Komsomolskaya Pravda “, and Alina Rogul – the title” Miss press. ” Prizes and presents the most beautiful girls, chosen by readers online and offline publications, gave general manager news agency InterMedia Eugene Safronov.
The winner of the election was Anastasia Orlova, supported by over 2,700 people. Along with the recognition of readers Anastasia received a special prize from the portal – pearl set (necklace and bracelet). Ornaments handed Anastasia popular singer Sati Casanova, recognized as the most stylish singer Year by the readers
‘Miss Charm’ chosen representative, was presented with a set of innovative cosmetic SEA ILLUSION for the comprehensive care of your body and hair. The winner in the category was loved by all Anastasiya Orlova. Gifts from the Israeli company «DeSheli» in the form of gift certificates were all participants of the contest and the finalists got VIP gifts in the form of unique cosmetic sets «Crystal Youth Pro Age» of DeSheli for young skin.


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