Julia Mikhalkov (Ural dumplings)

Beautiful girls, who can not only fun, but also to laugh at themselves – a Julia Mikhalkov sex goddessrarity. Even in such beauties Comedy Woman one-two and a handful! What was our joy when we discovered that the show “Ural dumplings” one of the ten participants still female!

Tell me, you often forget to text at a concert?

Not often, I am on stage is very assembly. I was there as ice, and at home – as Vodicka: can two days rest and sleep. But if you forget the text, not necessarily scream. Our guys sometimes forget the words, and nothing, invent on the fly just as well.

You’re in the credits of “Ural dumplings” is listed as the author. Do yourself write jokes?

I came up with a thumbnail and two songs – about the “Porsche” and lips. “Lips, lips, download, girls, lips! With beautiful lips will get you all! ”

Are you pumped up after this song my lips?

No, I generally do not download anything. Just look in the picture differently: I and chest, and butt look bigger. It turns out some way of silicone.


I remember in one of the miniatures depicting worker housing office, you were sitting in a white transparent blouse. It was so conceived?

This is where I am without a bra? I did not expect that this will shine through! You got me confused … There’s just a bright light, and everything is very visible. I am the producer after the broadcast said, “Well, you give!”

You do, if I remember correctly, the city Upper Pyshma. No one joked, “Julia showed Pyshma”? Funny word – “Pyshma.”

Well, since I was born there, I somehow did not think it is funny or not … Pyshma … Probably. Actually, we have a river flows Pyshma, in honor of her city and named. There from Yekaterinburg to go forty minutes. And before our city was called Copper Mine. Overall, I was pyshminkoy and lived with pyshmintsami. We often joke about the emissions from mining and metallurgical plant – so they say, our very energetic!

And you in the team is seen as a girl?

It happens that does not perceive. They say, “Come otolith!” We get to the door, and only then remember that we are different in the toilets. I’m used to the fact that no one cries, “Oh, Julia, you’re beautiful!” Even if I come in something new and elegant, they are always all oborzhut. So when you hear from other men, “You have such a Julia!”, I’m used to it. And “Dumplings” asks: “What? What Julia? “I in them, and change peacefully … I was even a special room for them recorded on February 23 – what has the girl in the men’s team.

So you’re never with any of them flirting?

When I worked in the theater, I also did not arise relations at work, as in the “dumplings”. Well, we guys are not very concerned, in their first creation. Is that may pinch the ass joke … Our relations have already related.

You have the case of disputes over money?

It is extremely rare! Because we have a clear system of coefficients: after performing all put each other ratios for the humor and acting. Depending on this, one gets the royalties. Everything is resolved meeting. Whether it be a fee or a new reprise – vote. If The Beatles had the coefficient system as we do, they would not have broken up.

No doubt! Who is your favorite comedian – not in the “dumplings”, but in general?

I pretty Mikhail Efremov. I know he’s not a comedian, but he has a great sense of humor. “Town” liked to Oleynikov. Nikulin, Leon … Of young – Urgant.

And she want to appear in the movie? Surname you quite cinematic.

Nope! I really want to be a minister of culture! Would have made a perfect Minister: I have a school right speech, we travel around and see a lot of what culture in cities. I love to dream! At school, loved to dress. Mom, honored worker of trade, always said, “You have to have a shop, then all hurt my will!” And I wanted to be an actress, to change clothes. I remember my mom for all the Red Army’s morning dressed. And shaven Red Army! I thought that in a past life was a boy, so happy watching parades. But then I got all these swords so sick, that I decided to grow up princess!

And as a former boy, did you do karate?

I went to all the clubs, and karate to boxing, too. Or not at karate … Where is this account – ich or, san, shi, go, rock, City, Hati, Ku, Ju?

It’s you count to ten in Japanese. I just have just returned from Tokyo.

So it was karate. I used to always fought, grew fearless. My friend, Tatar had three brothers, and just that – she immediately called the brothers! I thought, “That would be me of brothers!” Now I have so many brothers in the “dumplings”! I always protected. We are always together, go such a horde! When I’m alone, I’m uncomfortable. And learn in such moments one drunken morons. Once sober approached and asked to sign and dumped somewhere.

So the final question – not so much about the New Year’s Christmas tree, how about New Year’s wish. How often would you like to have sex in the new year?

I love tea to the brim, and I need to and it was all about sex to the brim. So that is all in life was to the fullest! It so happens that the sex – every day. Apparently, the moon phases affect.


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