Echo blondes – Elena Gornostaeva

russian-womanBack in 2008, the year the student Elena Gornostaeva at our information support won the contest Radio Energy «Battle Blondes” and became the leading morning show Black2White.

While fans of the aspiring DJ recognize her only by voice. We showed them what other talents hides ether. Perhaps because of our shooting and Lena was a trial period – and this is the fourth year mercilessly wakes you in the wake of 104.2. During this time we managed to lose the video to her – and to find again. For four years, it has become even better: Consistent well seasoned and were filled with new notes.

Tell us how you decided to join the fierce “battle of blondes?”
Standing in a traffic jam, I heard the announcement of the casting for the role of leading the morning show Black 2 White. I filled a questionnaire about a week – a very responsible attitude to this. Listened to almost all of esters to win. And won – year contract to broadcast on Radio Energy!

What you thought the most fun in the contest?

For example, it was necessary to draw a conversation with a male member. In front of me put this statue, and I said something like, “Hello, darling, you’re such a nice shape …” In general, the entire contest was wearing sexy color. Beautiful girls mostly undressed striptease. I decided to approach problems more creatively. After all, students are unlikely to see me naked, so it’s better to create some visual picture, connect the imagination. I came up in the form of divination chest. Need to feel and determine which fruit is like the chest, and so determine the temperament of a Russian girl.

And what fruit is covered under your pink shirt?

Pomelo. But not Anderson! This fruit represents a bright and exotic sexy girl. But in general, the competition was a lot of unexpected tasks. There was a period of provocative questions. It was necessary not just to respond, and to make it creative and imaginative. Radio presenter job requires an immediate reaction. For example, I was given an assignment: “Everything is on air. Three minutes of talk about buying underwear. ” And of course, we do not plan in advance our speech. Pure improvisation.

And imagine yourself to be the master provocative questions. What would you have asked the beautiful Russian girls?
Well, for example, “What is the brightest you’ve had sex?” Answer characterize human best.

You probably already guessed what would be the next question.
(Laughs). The most striking sex – after a long separation from a loved one. Another change places very stimulating. If I try to remember your most good sexual experience, I submit, not a familiar environment, and anyone in the country, all of a sudden, three times in the morning, then three … then got in the car and stood in traffic, once again have sex. But the club has never happened before. Although I love to take a walk, listen to good music.

And sex under the kind of music you usually have?

Better without it. And worst of all, when the TV is on and you never know what will happen next. Men usually do not like when the Russian lady in the bed laughing. For some reason they take it personally.

Simply, we are waiting for another reaction – yelling, screaming … Well, no matter. Tell us a little about the shooting.
It’s a different story altogether! First kind of decided that I would a blonde – blonde, in silk in pink, innocent image Lolita. As a result, the scene – a dirty locker room and shower guest workers. It is hard to imagine anything more contrary. I even had to get into the locker shabby …

This is what we have prepared a special surprise for you to capture live emotions.
Emotions hit over the edge … especially when I ran into the shower with one of the workers of the plant. I think it was their best day. They probably decided that the correct job. And I’m a little worried, not too exposed, I in photographs. Do you in fact very skilled people work, these psychologists! Suffice it to say, even the most innocent Russian beauty: “What is your beautiful butt! And breast “- and she’s ready to undress completely.

If you want, come to a private psychotherapy. Address you know. By the way, what role do you play in the morning air?
My role – gasp and sigh sexy! I have the image of a perfect blonde with female stereotypical thinking. Talking mainly about cosmetics, men and shopping – what can you do, the situation requires. About smart things said Morozov and Simon rap. The three of us carry the show. But in general, I like my new job: do not particularly tense. If I have nothing to say, I just sigh, “Ah!” – And since I’m blonde, that will be enough.

What I need men to seven in the morning!

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