One of the sexiest girls Russian Lera Kudryavtseva.

Russian lady Lera KudryavtsevaLeroy! How did you live without us all these years? We do without you – awful. Only on TV and see, but every day.

I still work a lot, because I live in a very busy schedule. I have a culinary program “Eat hudey” on channel “TNT”, the “Moose TV” leading the show “Top 10” in the channel “TVC” – a program of “cultural exchange.”

Not a lot? Maybe give up something?
But this is what was left when I almost gave up everything!

Good to be a demand, but where you live?
And what kind of life you have in mind? Work – this is my life!

Possible. But among your show until there is not one where you have sex. And what is this life, if there is no sex?
Somehow, it seems to me that having sex in the TV show – this is not life. And no sex. Better I’m not going to combine these concepts. Especially in the transfer must always something to talk about. What kind of talk in bed?

What are you doing those rare evenings when, after his work still has to go home?
I either read or lay on edge, or take an aromatic bath, or occasionally have sex, so you have finally for me not to worry. I mean, not sex, and love – to me it seems more appropriate word.


And you have not tried all combine to save time? For example, both to read and to make love?
No, I went mad. But I can make love while taking aromatic baths, if you insist.

You can do everything. But the needles you why?
Undermined the project back, now flying. “Dancing on the dance floor” – second place. “Star ice” – the first place. You think this is easy? Went to the “Cruel Intentions” for the First channel in Buenos Aires, there is a sharp blow, and I pulled the rescuer. Such loads are not always good woman survives.

How much has already gone movies and TV shows with your participation?
Many series, I do not remember. But the movie is soon to come “Adventurers”. Then I starred in a very good movie “The Verdict.” True, it was only in Ukraine, but in Russia it was banned. They said he anti-Russian.

Can you give some advice to readers as a woman with a lot of experience? What are a couple of sure-fire methods, against which even can not resist you.
You know, I still go through the brain. And the man in the first place I should be interesting, too, with their brains. That with him was always something to talk about. The second feature – a sense of humor is mandatory. I also do not like pedants and generally predictable people. In the peasant must be something brutal, crazy-racing. Not a rag and a weakling, and personality. To enthrall. And a big problem is that men are no longer creative. Women fully free men a little, and if we ignore the gay, then even less. As a result, men are terribly spoiled. They’ve learned that it is possible not to strain, women and so stacks fall.

By the way, about the gays. Its enchanting beauty you change the orientation of at least one gay?
Yes. Of course, not all, but that they had not left.

Here’s a great idea! Let’s save the nation from degeneration. You led a club abandoned wives, and good? Guy is not normal – it’s time to return to the fold of gays. Assemble a team of spectacular women, and let them that will be engaged.
I feel it pull on a national project. I’m really not sure what I can gather so many friends who want to participate. But I do not mind a good idea. It is true that gay is much more difficult to charm …

The more interesting problem. What formed your relationship with animals?
Fine. Sergey gave me for my birthday chihuahua.

Somehow, I had no doubt that this particular breed. Do not you want something to stand out and make something not like everyone else?
And I do not like it. Just try to look deeper into my soul!

Now I will try. What have you written on the back?
«Et mente et anima» – «And the soul and heart.”

What does that mean?
This means that I have both!

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