Russian Beauty Vera Brezhnev.

russian woman Vera BrezhnevVera Brezhnev – Ukrainian singer, actress, TV host, former member of pop group VIA Gra.

Vera Brezhnev, Galuska real name, was born in the Ukrainian heartland – in a suburb of Dnepropetrovsk Dneprodzerzhinsk – February 3, 1982. In the family of a member of Pridneprovsk chemical plant workers and steel plant, except the Faith, the younger three daughters – Galina older and younger twins Victoria and Anastasia.

Faith pushed to the stage dad. While on holiday in one of the houses of rest he put 4-year-old Faith on stage and said, “Dance.” Since then, she can not stop. In high school, by the way, was the star of the future celebrity parties. She was well danced, played leading roles in plays, as well as participate in sports.

Since childhood, Vera Brezhnev devoted much time to his appearance, and education. Woman involved in sports, dancing, went to music school and took part in school competitions and performances. About a career in show business Vera never thought. In adolescence, the future actress dreamed of going to law school. As a result, she became a student of the correspondence department of Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Transport Engineers, majoring in economics. Graduate courses secretaries and even the drivers who worked with tutors in foreign languages.


A start in life

Vera Brezhnev life changed dramatically after the contest “Miss Dnepropetrovsk.” The girl did not reach the finals, because during the qualifying rounds of the producers noticed her popular trio “VIA Gra”.

The singer became the third party to the team and changed the provincial Ukrainian town on the Russian capital. While the mother in full for a career in Moscow, the daughter of Sonia brought grandparents. By the way, the real name of the Faith is not Brezhnev, and dumplings. Producers felt that name is not too suitable for the stage and came up to her nickname. Since countrywoman Vera was the general secretary, it was decided to change the name on Brezhnev.

“VIA Gra”

For the first time in the “VIA Gra” Vera proved in 2002. The first disc trio “Attempt number 5” was instantly rewritten “by faith.” A music video “Do not leave me, my love!” With newly-singer, took a leading position in the charts in the CIS countries.

By the way, a CD with this song is so loved American astronaut Michael Foale, he took it with him on a mission to the space station.

Vera Brezhnev career developed as rapidly as the popularity of sexy trio. Each song is always a hit, and the group always gets the first place in all kinds of charts.

In 2007, she left the band, as the band constantly changed soloists. Vera Brezhnev stayed in a group of four. During this time, it was recorded a few albums: in 2003, “Stop! Cut! “, In the same year, the disc” Biology “, a year« Stop! Stop! Stop! », Three years later came« LML ».

When Vera Brezhnev “VIA Gra” reached insane success, and in 2003 the group (Sedokova Vera Brezhnev Hope Granovskaya) called “golden.”

By the way, Vera Brezhnev MAXIM magazine’s sexiest woman in Russia – 2007. «Hello» Vera Brezhnev recognized as the most stylish in Russia.

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