Maria Sharapova: “I will love you!”

Maria SharapovaRecent years, the Russian beauty is the richest athlete in the world.

True, most of its revenue from Maria Sharapova gets advertising contracts – with her model looks to do it quite easily. Let the luck on the tennis court is not always accompanied her to millions Sharapova embodies the ability to go to his dream – and still win.
Its rise preceded a terrible tragedy – an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. “If there was no Chernobyl, nothing would have happened. Most likely, I would not play tennis. But I have to say thanks to my parents, they were not afraid to take a chance that they gave fate. They have always been very brave people, and subconsciously I learned from their example, “- says the tennis player.


Yuri and Yelena Sharapova married in Gomel, not far from Chernobyl, sadly famous throughout the world for a year before Mary was born. When the summer of 1986 parents of tennis players have realized that soon they will have a child, Yury brought family as far as possible, in the Siberian town of Nyagan. It was there April 19, 1987 and Mary was born. Two years later the family moved to Sochi.Na court Masha got four and a half years. The very first tennis racket gave her famous Yevgeny Kafelnikov, a native of the city of Sochi. Her first coach, Yuri Yutkin, recalled: “This little girl was very smart and bright, absorbed everything I told her and showed it. All grasp on the fly. She mastered those blows that still not all clear. At 7 years, already knew how to perform twisted off and was a little master. In life, she is kind, gentle, smiling Russian girl, but it’s worth it to pick up a racket, it is – the beast! Ambitious, not afraid of anyone, with an iron will to win. For three years I have not heard from her even once, that she was tired. ”

In six years, little Masha had to play with Martina Navratilova, when she came to Moscow and gave master classes. Big star tennis talent could see immediately and strongly recommended his father to give his daughter in the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. “You have to have incredible faith in her own child, much love and self-sacrifice, to do for him what it did for me, my parents – especially my father” – gratefully said in an interview with Maria. The decision was made – the family went to America.

Thorns and stars

Fly across the ocean with a small child, no money, no language, no employment prospects seemed sheer madness. But Yuri Sharapov, without hesitation, began to collect the bags. Abandon the dream he did not think. Masha enclose in a suitcase all of your favorite books – she wanted to take home with them as much as possible. But my mother did not give a visa – Elena Sharapova won her only after two long years. And in the spring of 1994 my father and daughter came to the United States. Their goal was one of the best tennis schools in the world – Nick Bolliteri Academy. Russian girl looked at the academy, praised and said they were waiting for her … but after two years. Semiletok there did not take. “These two years before admission were the worst – says Maria. – I bow to his father. What he has done for me – a real feat. We decided that we will not be returning home. And my father was taken for any, the dirty, work. We shot some terrible apartment, Dad worked almost around the clock. He would come home at night, I was preparing to eat, wrap it in a pillow and blanket to the food warm. I woke up one morning, my father had left for work at the time – but I always had a hot breakfast. We even once kicked out of a rented apartment, because there was nothing to pay the rent. ”

Finally started studying. “When she first appeared in the Academy, it was so thin that if she put in a profile, it would not be seen – remember Nick Bolliteri. – 11.10 years to become clear: this girl knows exactly what she wants. She has a fantastic father. I remember Yuri stood and wrote down everything I say on the court. He listened and studied with her, and then he began to understand what to do. Without it, the star Maria Sharapova has not ascended to never. “Victory

It has always distinguished fighting spirit – she was not afraid to take the call. In 2001, Maria made her debut on the adult tournaments. At 16, she plays with the acknowledged masters – including the 8th-ranked Elena Dementieva. However, ahead of its expected new heights. She steadily moved up, and finally it’s time the main event in her life – Wimbledon 2004. She was just 17 years old, and reach the final of this prestigious competition in itself was something incredible, but Mary can not. In the final match she did not leave any chance to 1st world ranking, the formidable American Serena Williams, beating her 6-1, 6-4.
“In the last season I hit the ball, and then heard the crowd roared, and fell to his knees – recalls Maria. – People applauded me, shouting that I won, and I could not believe it. ”

And then, still reeling from the triumph supernova tennis, oblivious to anyone or anything around, ran to the podium, where he was her father. She ran to him, making his way through the ranks of the spectators, crying, crying, crying … Yury tears also not hide. “After everything we’ve been through and what made it was a great moment,” – admitted Sharapova.

“Do you realize that there was something great, great, – says Yuri Sharapov. – At the same time, you feel relieved that it’s over. You hug your child and thank God for everything. ”

Not a single sport

The victory at Wimbledon Sharapova immediately made 8th tennis player, and six months after the victory at the final World Cup, Maria received the title of best tennis players, and got up to 4th place ranking. Beautiful female athlete with the appearance and model parameters has long been a favorite of Americans. Magazines with her picture on the cover sold out instantly, the big companies vying offered her exclusive contracts. In 2005, Forbes magazine has included Mary among the “100 most powerful celebrities of the world,” and then “suddenly” appeared that Maria Sharapova is the richest athlete in the world. Her career had its ups and downs. She never considered the undisputed leader, but in June of this year, Sharapova regained the title of the first racket of the world. Beautiful blond long has registered on the pages of gossip. Large companies willingly choose it to their “face”. Two years ago, Sharapova has a contract with Nike, according to which earns eight years $ 70 million. Earlier equally impressive revenue promised her Sony Ericsson. Special pride in the bank of Mary – contracts with well-known clothing brand Cole Haan. Here, Maria launched her clothing line test. Sharapova comes up for Nike sportswear for brand TAG Heuer – sunglasses and watches. In addition, Sharapova promotes brands Tiffany, Prince, Land Rover, Canon and Evian.
More recently, Mary opened her own production of sweets – a brand Sugarpova, produces chewy candy. Currently, you can only get candy in U.S. stores, or order them online. But in the near future sweets from Maria Sharapova will be sold in stores in other countries of the world, as well as mini-bars top hotels.

“I – Russian!”

I must say that at home, in Russia, well-wishers from her far less than overseas. At the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Sharapova did not take, citing the fact that enrollment are processed before winning the Wimbledon girls. Many of the tennis team, including then-top-ranked country Anastasia Myskina, Maria insisted on weaning from participation in the Fed Cup – the most prestigious tournament in women’s national team of the country, the male analogue of the Davis Cup. The arguments went something like: “Actually it in Russian and speaks with an accent.”

Mary on these attacks always resented, and never tired of insisting that American does not consider herself. “I’m Russian, I have Russian citizenship – urged journalists Sharapova. – If, for example, plays a Russian Olympics with the Americans, I’ll be rooting for Russian. I lived in America most of my life and I love this country, but I am absolutely Russian in spirit and blood! ”

A bit of personal

To privacy of time the star had always lacked. The first novel happened in 2005, with the American tennis player Andy Rodica, who at the time was dating older Mary for 5 years. Then she came out with Charlie Ebersolom, young producer and the son of a major telemagnate. They were amazingly beautiful couple: both rich, both famous. However, the way Charlie went Slovenian basketball player Sasha Vuyachich.S him at Maria developed the strongest relationships. A year after they met, in autumn 2010, 26-year-old athlete gave his girlfriend a ring. They took the time to the wedding because they were both ambitious and full of the most ambitious plans, but think seriously about marriage. But that relationship ended in failure: the press conference after his victory the next match in the tournament US Open Sharapova announced: “Sasha and I are not together in the late spring. You know, I’ve been waiting for someone just asked me about our relationship. The main reason for our break – a busy work schedule and, therefore, a critical shortage of time for each other. It was the perfect time for both of us, but we have become more and more difficult to combine graphics … Of course, we have great respect for each other. I still think Sasha is very close friend. ” And with a smile, adding: “I have always love.”

Well, we hope that the clever and beautiful Maria finds happiness in the very near future.

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Maria Sharapova: "I will love you!"
Recent years, the Russian beauty is the richest athlete in the world. True, most of its revenue from Maria Sharapova gets advertising contracts - with her model looks to do it quite easily. Let the…...