Heart-to-heart talk

Heart-to-heart talkThe man with the world and Russian women are found, they are tied relationship, which often leads to cohabitation.

But, according to statistics in the world now, on average every second marriage breaks up (and this is only the data of registered relationship).
If we reject the very common causes of divorce of our modern world – the psychological and practical lack of preparation for marriage, adultery, alcoholism, it is one reason it is a simple misunderstanding, or rather unwillingness to understand each other’s feelings. But a simple heart-to-heart talk can significantly reduce the number of divorces in the world …

A man and a Russian woman decide to live together, and they are very happy at first, but suddenly there is a lot of problems.

You look at it and it annoys you, He is hanging over you, he rarely speaks to you compliments and words of love and, increasingly nars hurt you accidentally thrown phrases, but you just closes and experiencing their grievances, build a massive fence between Him and you for protection against new offenses.

You look at her and can not understand it, to understand its changeable mood, she is often unsubstantiated claims, her sudden bouts of tears and tantrums, “hormones” you think.

And what do you do together? Supper and then, usually in silence, or discussing problems at work and domestic issues. Together watching TV or a movie, too, and in silence, each thinking his own thoughts. Go to bed at different times … Why is this? The start was so romantic and beautiful? It was fun and bright color? When this happened to you? And what is “it”?

This alienation and fence from each other. Is “it” because of the triumph of the human nature of selfishness in the relationship of two loving people, when one begins to “pull the blanket over himself.” Often you “go and buy another blanket,” and then another bed for himself alone loved. But in life together is very important not to buy another blanket, and learn to sleep under one, but so comfortable, warm and cozy it to everyone.

Cohabitation of men and Russian women need to learn, but to learn together, together, together. Who will teach? And you’ll be each other teachers. But how? Yes, just talk from the heart, so to say, that does not suit you do not like that annoying that burden, and do not forget to talk about what is convenient for something like that, from what dizzy.

Talk to each other, looking into the eyes of all that the soul is hard, but necessary to achieve mutual understanding. We – being intelligent and possess speech, just often forget to use it for our own good. But when shown to protect its natural selfishness, his pique, then awakens in us an eloquent speaker.

He insulted you, you save up resentment in himself and he begins to annoy you because every detail. And you look at your man and do not understand how could you make the wrong choice? But look at it from the other side. He – a man, but in his mind you have to get close to an animal with its certain instincts, but he – a man, he – the person is the same as you. And he will appear in your life, because he loved his woman and wants to be with her, or else it would not there. Instead of accumulating grievances and discontent with the need to talk to him. He, too, like you, being reasonable and more able to understand. Just need to find ways how to explain intelligibly, but with the position that you explain man.

She – a beautiful woman, you chose your life companion, but she recently talking to you you do not understand the language, from her constantly showered claims she often quarrels from scratch, and you are just afraid once again to her even approach. Hormones? Soon pass? No, it will not work, because the hormones are not to blame. She just fights with his insults at you, and patience is running out. She – man, she – a person like you, only weaker physically and mentally stronger (but this is the merit of Mother Nature.) She wants attention, understanding and love. And instead of exclusion need to talk and find out what it hurts, it will be very interesting, because the cause of her suffering – you, and you are interesting for yourself? So listen for yourself and help her story about her same.

Talk to each other about everything. Do you feel that your loved one is mentally pushing on you, you feel sometimes disrespectful to yourself, you start to pick up notes of indifference and remoteness, simply select the time join hands, look into each other’s eyes and began to speak, though not fluently, albeit clumsily, albeit haltingly and not entirely clear, but you start talking man with whom share their lives, about the experiences, the alarms for your future together. What if this person also feels like, but also, in turn, chose the path otmalchivaniya.

Not just to sit down to have a heart especially for the first time, but it is necessary, otherwise the problem snowball will grow, grow, then the collapse of an avalanche and unhappy consequences. Here it is not always possible to save something.

You – A man and a beautiful woman, both – the individual, the two formed a Person who deserve respect each other. So why is my heart when cats scratch you run to the bar with friends or to visit friends? And after discussing their family problems with people not related to your family, having a fleeting emotional relief from the fact that just talked about what hurts, you get home and keep silent and pretend that all is well! Why not just talk to each other and do not say that to each other, because you are two halves of a whole, both of you are sharing your life in half, you have shared the money, you sleep in the common bed with you for breakfast, lunch, dinner. You have in common in life more than any boyfriend or girlfriend! Then do not, as they say “wash dirty linen in public”, just talk to each other as friends.

When men and women want the same in a relationship, but just confused in everyday problems, a lack of understanding behavior, spoken words, a simple heart-to-heart talk can solve all and greatly improve communication. Harder when they want different things. Then such talk like a game of one of the gates, or a glass from which they drink, but forget to add water, and in the end, it becomes empty.

If a man and a beautiful woman will find the strength and the desire to make an attempt to have a heart, it is not difficult to build a dialogue, and there is always a time and place and the right words. The main thing you need to understand why you are living together. Why not separately but together?

And the next time you want to split a plate on his head, and covered her mouth to keep listening to her tantrum, you will remember this moment as you and it turned out? There was no place to live? Tormented by loneliness? Wanted to solve their financial problems? And, maybe, still feeling a sense of … well, from which dizzy from which creeps on which was breathtaking, from which appeared in your passport print ….

Dear Men and Women! Love one another, take care of each other, teach each other to live together, share your happiness and harmony of living together only in your hands. Understanding can not be bought and will not sell, he has to learn, learn, talking heart to heart, and it is an interesting, fun way of knowing each other, you have wanted to pass along one day. Join hands and go this way! You got it! Be happy!

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