How do I know what my girlfriend thinks.

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But no matter how well you know them either, there’s always something that is hidden deep in the depths of the soul. And if you can not read the thoughts of others, will have to learn to understand what Russian girls is thinking when he suddenly stops and looks away. Psychologists have uncovered many loopholes that can tell us about the real feelings of the other person.
1. If you want to understand what your beautiful Russian girlfriend thinks, start with the basics – ask her. Maybe she’s just waiting when her partner interested in her sad eyes and a sad smile. Do it gently and tenderly, hug her and ask the main question: “What are you thinking?”. In most cases, such a show of concern does not cause any irritation.
2. In that case, if your partner does not want to share secrets, try to analyze her facial expression, tone, body language, etc. These parts are a lot more to tell you about the experiences and feelings of the beloved, than its most persuasive words. Even if you’re not a psychologist, try to feel the condition of the beautiful girl at the moment. If you do not know anything about such things, read a trade magazine or an article on the Internet, which talks about non-verbal communication.

3. Psychologists say that many of the feelings and emotions can be traced in the motions that a person acts during sleep. Watch for his beautiful  girlfriend. The ideal option would be a situation when your favorite in his sleep. The only way she can give their secret desires, excitement and anxiety.
4. If you do not want to guess, but you want to know for sure, is thinking about your russian girl, ask her friends and friends. Of course, it’s pretty risky. Please refer to the person who can keep your conversation private. Perhaps this will help you better understand your loved one.
5. However, before you try to unravel the feelings and emotions of the girl, analyze their behavior and mood. Perhaps you clocked situation. In this situation, there is nothing better candid conversation that dot its place. Do not be surprised if that’s what you have to share their worries and anxieties with his beloved.

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