How to find a life partner

How to find a life partnerSmart, beautiful, and just a nice cute girl in his youth left alone. Mature thirty years is not far off, and it, strong man’s shoulder, still no.

What prevents many Russian women to marry and the difference between real desire to get married to some ulterior motive?

Lonely Russian girl more than anything wants to get an answer to the most important, in her view, the question is where to find the very prince on a white horse? However, this question is to ask yourself in the end.

After all, the desire to get married can be very misleading, if not distorted. So, before you speak out of the desire to get married – pull out their hidden motives, which are not to be confused with the true desires.

Married on demand

If before the concept of “women’s biological clock” was seen as a cause for your calm, but now these three “magic” words can affect you as a team “to start.” After all, your age is nearing maturity, and on all sides and only heard that you sat in the girls and time would have to think seriously about marriage.

Moreover, concerned relatives or your married friends are all sorts of “fix” the desire to marry different horror stories about hard labor or the great risk of having an unhealthy baby after 30 years. Therefore, under the influence of public opinion dictated by the peculiarities of Slavic mentality, many women are forced to as quickly as possible to get married. In other words – to marry “on demand.”

But not always their elected representatives are men, which can be safely called the only other half. After all, the desire to get married can lead an ulterior motive – to avoid age-related problems, and even worse – to please others and be like everyone else.

What to do?

First, your biological age can be very elastic concept. Remember the experience of modern European women who give birth to perfectly healthy babies over the age of thirty. And most importantly, these beautiful mature women marry for love, and bear with your favorite, not boyfriends.

Second, do not confuse the desire to marry the need to marry. After all, there is a huge difference between “want” and “need.” Therefore, if you find it hard to make sure that you really want to get married, take care that you say the word marriage.

For example, if you often say that you just need to get married, then you have managed to avoid the hidden motive of age-related problems or to prove to others that you are a “normal” woman. If you often say the phrase “I really want to marry a loved one” – then, your wish truly incorruptible ulterior motives. And, most of all, it is necessary for the future.

Marry a “status”

One should not confuse a true desire to be married with the need to be in the status of his wife. It often happens that single women are simply intolerable in a circle of married friends in the status of simple-lady. Therefore, the hidden motive “to be like my friends” can be interpreted as a desire to get married. Especially if the new husband exalted status of your girlfriends to the skies.

Do not forget that the euphoria of the first months of life together quickly disappear and are replaced by the crisis of the first year of marriage. Most divorces, alas, pripadaet just on this, the most difficult period of “testing” the spouses of strength.

What to do?

Status of married Russian women do not always match the status happy woman. So, before you dream about the status of spouses, put in front of a global goal – to be happy married woman. Experience of your married friends can awaken in you not only ulterior motive “to be like them,” but also the need for marriage, a strong shoulder and procreation.

Married by tradition

Many parents like to tell a grown-up daughters of his early years, particularly on their experiences in marriage. Often, our mothers are trying to impose their own experience with stories that in his thirty years of incomplete already raised two children. Thus, they make us not only a sense of shame and embarrassment, and guilt for our unsettled personal life.

Therefore, many Russian women are confused desire to marry with a hidden motive to meet the expectations of loved ones. Not wanting to break the family tradition, they are looking for a potential husband hard with a single purpose – to please others and live by the motto “I’m like everybody else.” However, trying their best to please others, they can not always satisfy his own will – to be happy in marriage.

What to do?

If your parents’ family opened to marry at an early age – it does not mean that it is an unwritten rule should apply to your life. Think about why you are persecuted by bad luck on the personal front? Analyze why all attempts to find a husband in vain.

Perhaps you should restate its purpose. If you aspire to “have time” to get married in two to three years, then your wish is dictated by ulterior motive – in time to catch please. Otherwise you will not live up the expectations of others. But is it worth to anyone to make excuses for such an important choice in life? Of course not.

We are all given one life, in which we can make choices, take time out in the tireless search for her husband, to use the method of “trial and error” to stumble and get up. And most importantly – do not follow the social stereotypes, not to try to please others and to understand that the desire to get married is not dictated by ulterior motives, and the need to share the happiness dormant for two. Good luck!

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