Hunt for men: little secrets.

D7xaKc__gCEMany Russian girls dream of a rich prince who would drive a Mercedes, gave huge bouquets of flowers, stuffed animals and owned a mansion in Italy.

Craving for a rich and prosperous life lies in our Russian girls nature. Indeed, since ancient times so happened that the beautiful woman took care of the family, kept the home, and a man to support his family. So look for our beautiful real prince, near which it was possible to forget about all the troubles and problems of life. However, very often this marriage does not bring happiness. And there is nothing surprising, because the money very quickly bored, and next to him would see her lover, who can cheer up even in the most difficult times, which is able to listen, to help and even sacrifice their own interests for us. So, let’s see how to choose the prince.

How to choose a man for family

If your dream is to arrange his personal life choices of men respectively. After all, the slightest mistake can break all your bright future. Because of this, try to know the man well, know all his habits, hobbies, and as much information about his family. In this case, in order to understand what your family is and how it will apply to you, look at the way his father treated his mother.

Also, in any case, do not forgive “minor” flaws or bad habits. For example, if a guy is abusing alcohol, but promises to give up, do not believe, as he never get rid of it. Yes, of course, possible for a while and he will fight with you, that it will only last a short time.

So, what the error can not be narrowed to forgive future:
– Regular booze
– If you raise your hand
– Changes
– Cheats
– Holds almost all my free time with friends
– Do not sacrifice their interests for you
– Does not like
– You are treated disrespectfully

Remember, if a guy likes a Russian girl he wants, while the victim of his reputation, his interests, hobbies and habitual way of life. The main thing for a man in love to the object of his affection was always there.


How to choose a man for sex

If you are looking for sex, you should choose “**** Ghana”. This type of guys and Russian womens are constantly surprised at desire can create for them a real romance.

Of great importance is the fact, under the zodiac sign of how he was born. According to astrologers, the most skilful in love fish, scorpions and rams. But as regards nationality, there are leading Roma, Turks and French.

But we should not forget the fact that we are all different and what one likes, not like the other. Therefore, in this regard rely entirely on your feelings.

How to choose a man for friendship

We all know that the best of friends – friends from childhood. With them we grow, we share with them their first experiences, talk about the most intimate and, of course, check all parameters.

Becoming more adult, people tend to become more reserved and prefer to experience all of their problems on their own, without the “help” of friends. According to psychologists, because of this over time, we become more and more difficult to make friends.

However, if you want to make friends with a guy, you always succeed. The main thing – to find the right candidate for this.

So, what character traits must have a representative of half of mankind to be your friend:
– Honesty
– Openness
– Sincerity
– Goodwill

Also, he is in no way to be held down, narcissistic, or gossip. And remember, if you decide to make friends with a guy, do not need to look at it as a candidate for the groom or sex objects. Behave with him as if he was the same sex as you. In this case, if a guy does not make you move to the meeting, not behind it to “run”, because he might think that you are in love with him, leaving you will avoid.

How to choose a man for communication

Practice shows that the man is very difficult to choose the communication. After all, they see us as an object or to implement sexual fantasies, or as a friend or as a future wife. Beautiful girls as interlocutors of the strong half of humanity is not interested. And there is nothing surprising, guys do not like to talk on the phone for hours and “wash” the stone with all your friends. According to psychologists, such pointless conversations are only interested in guys who are not confident in yourself and do not enjoy popularity among beautiful girls. Thanks to this communication they feel necessary, they raised self-esteem. But ask yourself, do you really need a source. Believe me, it is better to talk to many guys, “not close” than the regular one and the same.

If you’re determined to find a companion of the opposite sex, try to make your communication could give you something useful. So, for example, choose to play this role of which is interested in history and can tell you in vivid detail all the events that interest you distant past.

And finally, remember, no matter how much you have friends, lovers and companions of the opposite sex. The main thing here is not the quantity but the quality. And if you have one true friend, who always listen, give good advice and help, not to look for another friend. Appreciate what you have, because our lives – the unpredictable thing and help out of a difficult situation can only loved one.

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