Kate Sidorenko – Seventh breast size

russian-womanKate Sidorenko so convincingly played the nurse in the video that we immediately decided to get to know her better. And not because she has a natural breast size of the seventh. Seventh!

Kate, do you like the song Agutin before you took part in it?
Creativity Leonid Agutin I calmly – without hysteria and fanaticism. Before I shot, it was probably the favorite singer of my parents. But in the movie “Ai-ai-ai” is already a new Agutin, not the same as before: he has a new style and approach to the songs. So I like it more.

Agutin N’evergrin Thomas flirted with you?
After I transformed into a sexy nurse and burning, Leonid flirting, I do not deny it. He, like any other man, to show attention and compliment, but it is within the allowable. But with Thomas, I did not communicate. He seemed inadequate: go dancing, with none of the Russian girls do not communicate, not even once looked into his eyes. They had all the time running in different directions.

You got used to the fact that men look at your chest more than your face?
You know, here it is difficult to decide where they often look. Sometimes I can not understand. Of course, the strong half of humanity very often wants to meet me, but at the time of first intercourse men usually talk to my chest.

 How to react to Russian women with big silicone breasts? You look down upon?
I will never patronize anyone not looking. But silicone am very bad: it is unnatural. And I know that 99 percent of men like a natural breast. Now every other in the pursuit of his lips or silicone breasts. I’m sick of silicone, and I just laugh when I see these Russian ladies. I feel sorry for them: they look like molded dolls! Russian girl is truly beautiful when it is natural!

How to react to the suspicion that you have a silicone? Give us a touch?
Suspicions touches me. Touch not give: I’m not a dummy! I generally best left alone if we are unfamiliar. This is me at first sight harmless Russian beauty. And in fact, I love to shoot. Pistol. I love guns! A couple of times was on the hunt. Almost made it into the duck.

And the last question: do you know how to choose a watermelon?
Yes, I am special in watermelon! The most important thing – it should have a dry ponytail.

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