Russian ladies Kristina Asmus

russian womenKristina Asmus was born April 14, 1988 in Korolev (Kaliningrad), Moscow region.

Parents: Igor L. and Rada V. Asmus. Christine has three sisters: Elder – Olga and Catherine, and a younger – Karina.
Kristina Asmus went to drama school Shchepkin in 2008. He took courses actor Boris Klyuyev. Successful debut in the role of Barbara Chernous in comedy television series “Interns.”
In 2010, a Russian girl Kristina Asmus starred as Sasha in the detective director Nikolai Gusev, “Left a job.”

Sporting past
Kristine was eight years old when she watched the TV series “Wild Angel” and became a fan of all creativity Natalia Oreiro. Falling in love with the main character, Christine has since caught just dream of becoming an actress. But, for the time being, the dream remained a dream … The family of Christina lived very modestly. My father graduated from Bauman Institute, worked for some time in Rocket Center in Korolev, but was forced to go into business and to support a large family. Mom had time worked at several jobs, as well as to educate four daughters. Christine says: “We lived hard and very poor. Well I’ve seen parents bring us hard, and try not to disappoint.”


Parents saw their daughter gymnast, so Christina and engaged in the sport. With eight years of little beautiful girl  from the Queen herself went to Moscow for training in sports school “Dynamo”. Gymnastics tempered character girl made her independent and purposeful. She recalls: “In a sports environment can not be soft, weak, weakling. Sometimes you” stretch “, you cry from the unbearable pain, and no one is concerned, be patient and do something that requires a coach. And I suffered.” Thanks to the tenacity and perseverance made Christine title of Candidate Master of Sports.

Path to the actress
While studying in high school, Kristina Asmus confessed parents that have long been dreaming of becoming a famous actress. Parents react to his daughter with understanding, and she started at drama school. After school, Christina went to Moscow Art Theatre School on a course to Konstantin Raikin. Came easy, at first. But this ease was deceptive. Having studied for only six months, she was expelled, but disappointing. Christina Raikin asked to give her a chance, but he was adamant, telling goodbye to a lot of work on yourself, and then it all happens.
It was a strong blow to the Russian girl. But not in the character of Christina limp failure. She took advice Raikin correctly and within two and a half years I worked in the Regional Youth Theater and the Moscow Theater of Good Tales. Gained valuable experience in their walls allowed Christine Asmus in 2008 to go to VTU them. Shchepkin.

Intern Varya
The debut of the actress on the screen was one of the main roles in the comedy series Maxim Pezhemskogo “Interns.” The plot of the show is simple: Dr. Bykov, played by the famous Ivan Okhlobystin gets to train four students. The story he is not happy and starts to play with the kids all medical cynicism … Christine Asmus has played one of the interns – Varia Chernous – clean, honest, good girl, who came into medicine is not for money, but to save lives.
To get this role Christine had to pass a grueling test, because in the four candidates interns were tried for about two and a half thousand men and women. But, what a success the young actress was expecting after! Episode reminiscent of the foreign “House MD”, “clinic”, and to some extent, with the Russian, “I’m going,” attracted the attention of a large number of spectators.

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