Like – not like?

Like - not like?How do you know that your cavalier feeds serious feelings? Roman at the peak, but suddenly, like nimble snake crept to you unpleasant thought: “Are there really passionate fan feels for me hot sexy girls soft spot?”

Words of love he has not uttered. Alone admiring compliments and hot cues. What if he was an ordinary lady’s man, and the book for him just another check mark personal victories?

Of course, the powers that be a different internal organization than we have, ladies, pretty emotional creatures. A man can keep his feelings locked up, trying in every situation skillfully hide everything that’s going on in his mind. However, as he does not mask the emotions, being in love is still hard to hide under the guise of the “Stone Knight.” And yet, how to understand – whether a man feels for you at least some sense?

Love signs

The first thing that shows a man in love – this is a special light in her eyes, which is clearly visible when it is close to the object of adoration. He always positive mood in any situation, even the most minor changes that have occurred to him, immediately striking people close to him.

There are a number of others, I would say, “practical” signs, which can be calculated – a man clearly in love. First of all, it is more closely related to their appearance and wardrobe, the desire to look brighter and more attractive. After all, he wants to please the heart of a beautiful girl!

The second feature may include a desire to introduce the gentleman with his beloved family and friends. Thus, it allows a beautiful girl in a private space, which, I assure you, cares much more serious than we are, ladies. And of course, it is driven by a desire to show off to relatives passion, give rise to the possibility of friends ‘white’ envy.

Boyfriend with serious intentions calmly react to the presence in its territory of hot sexy girls, even if it is expressed in its personal care items stored in its bachelor bathroom. But Lovelace comb “sweetheart”, carelessly left on the mirror and be annoying.

Another distinguishing mark of love is an important accessory cavalier modern life – the cell phone. It is clear that he is a business man, all the time “on the tube.” But when the phone in his hands, for sure – elect afraid to miss a call or a message from you!

If a man remembers three months of the date of your birthday – this is another sure sign of the seriousness of his intentions. He wants to please you and to present gifts.

He loves to watch you eat – plus add in defense of his love. In general, from a psychological point of view of food and love intertwined. Quite often, people who lack the senses begin to seize it. Therefore, care and affection the young man reflected in the fact that the beautiful girl was fed and happy.

The fact that the person is serious even say stuff. Chilly evening stroll in the moonlight, he had no hesitation to sacrifice their own comfort and offer his beloved coat or jacket. Yes and no make-up with a girlfriend is unlikely to confuse a man in love. It will not make comments and on the extra pair of pounds, and did not notice the wrinkles.

Like - not like?And if a man will consult with you about your business plans or ask for advice on home repair or improvement – everything points to the fact that you are for him a lot.

His love interest is the fact that he will try to control you and organize your space.

If it offended you, argue and even quarrel, that is, give vent to emotions, you just do not care about him. After all, the crafty ladies man antics usually responds unequivocally – flight …

If a man is the first call, write and does not disappear for a few days on a business trip – a good sign. It does not irritate your questions about his plans and about who spent the previous evening, and why I came home late – a chance to become his life’s companion is very high.

Yet the most important barometer to do with you, of course, are the deeds. The man gladly integrated into the life of the beloved, and not just by words or advice. If you got a phone call in the morning asking to go for medicines for pet dogs, and he throws everything and rushes to fulfill your order, make no mistake – the thief of your heart and love with himself to his ears!

But if you have a cup of coffee told him that you have to buy urgently grandmother warm slippers, and he immediately takes the theme and makes a face, or starts to advise you where to do it, most likely, simply admirer perceives you as an object entertainment.

And finally, dear girl, and beautiful women, keep in mind an excessive amount of your attempts to check the strength of men’s feelings can influence the attitude of a lover as well as stain remover on reproduction Levitan …

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