Little secrets of big beautiful Russian women: how to look slimmer.

Russian girls3In pursuit of harmony Russian women resort to a variety of techniques and tricks: a well-known and not so universal and those that are not for everyone.

Concluding the series of articles on how to dress plump Russian girls, we offer a few more tips, many of which you will be able successfully to try on.
Wear dark wide belts that are a bit loose at the waist. This accessory will make your figure more proportional and slim waist.
Elegant jewelry to help visually lengthen the face and neck. Long necklaces, earrings and chains is better to wear as applicable, and not overdo it, pick one. If you have a round face and full neck, do not wear short large round beads and large earrings so you’ll look even better.

Large bags visually make the figure slimmer and slimmer. But do not choose a bag is too big, if your height is small.
Blouse or jacket with buttons in a row will make your figure slimmer. It triggered the law of vertical strips that are known to prolong the figure.
Vertical inserts on the sides (at the waist or hips) can visually reduce the size of the whole of your size! It is advisable to insert were of a darker fabric than the thing itself.
The fact that dark colors visually reduce the figure, there is even a scientific explanation. The human eye is designed so that all dark it seems smaller than the light. Therefore Russian beautiful girls in the body, wanting to hide it, it is better to give preference to dress brown, dark purple, dark blue and black.
Small geometric or floral design on clothes is another way of visual deception, which works in your favor. A Russian woman in a dress or blouse in small flower seems thinner than it really is.
It is worth to remind that the vertical lines (not very wide) slimming, and horizontal fattening. As for the diagonal strips, with a small thickness, they can also conceal your problem areas.
To make full slimmer legs, wear pointed shoes with high, but steady heel. From thin rods, as well as from square-toed ballet shoes, ladies in the body should be abandoned.
Long boots – this is another way to visually lengthen the legs. Pick yourself comfortable boots with a high leg of an elastic material. They can be combined with skirts of varying length and style.

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