How do I know what my girlfriend thinks.

In the life of every person is near and dear to his heart, people.DTbmxNT3d1s

But no matter how well you know them either, there’s always something that is hidden deep in the depths of the soul. And if you can not read the thoughts of others, will have to learn to understand what Russian girls is thinking when he suddenly stops and looks away. Psychologists have uncovered many loopholes that can tell us about the real feelings of the other person.
1. If you want to understand what your beautiful Russian girlfriend thinks, start with the basics – ask her. Maybe she’s just waiting when her partner interested in her sad eyes and a sad smile. Do it gently and tenderly, hug her and ask the main question: “What are you thinking?”. In most cases, such a show of concern does not cause any irritation. Continue reading

Secrets of female seduction.

Every russian girl is faced with the art of seduction.pPBddwbITxM

This desire to please men, fascinate, bewitch, to tie the man to himself, to charm, and so to unravel secrets of female seduction is not difficult, if you find the right approach to the situation. Russian girls have always been able to use this skill. But how and where to apply the arts of seduction and make it a success, we’ll talk to you.Every beautiful woman enjoys secrets of seduction
Seduction and flirting – it’s completely different things that do not relate to each other. After all, you can flirt with anyone you want, even to a man who does not know you and your life, purely to cheer yourself up to a common tone or training, and can be and to make as clear as possible to your relationship piquancy. If a man you do not want, you can just show off and forget about it all.
Seduction is a slightly different process, a more natural and practical. Should not deceive anybody, otherwise you run the risk that falling in love with the person. You should be very cautious. You first need to select a worthy object for you, which makes you want to build a long-lasting and strong relations. Well, if ideally you live with this person all his life, and then another to die with him in one day. Well, if you have a suggestion that the satellite on which you make plans, tired of not to you, then you will only have to spend in his company at least a couple years. When you have decided on the selected object, you need to purposefully influence this man with all his means should be found in the arsenal of the modern beautiful  woman – seductress. Continue reading

Big Secrets young beautiful girls.

Russian girlsLittle Russian girls have always found his calling on the boards of the stage, circus, variety.

In the seventies, perhaps the most popular team of midgets had a mini music hall Igor Dolsky. Today – a theater-cabaret “People” Helena Kachalova. Seemed interesting to us the idea to meet with the two generations of actresses. On the secrets of health and beauty reflects the former lead singer of the famous band I. Dolsky Maria Ivanova.

– Maria, you look great. The secret to beautiful Russian women’s health and charm?
– In order to look good, be starting at about 25 years, to deal with them – to maintain your fitness, take care of your face. We, the artists, are conducting night-life and health and well-being depend on the correct mode. It is therefore imperative to get enough sleep. I, for example, in order to look good, you need to sleep at least eight hours a day.
– You have a beautiful young face. Give the recipe, how to care for the skin.
– Of course, all beautiful Russian girls know what to do facials. Now it is very, very popular clay masks. They are made from special white and gray clay, which is sold in pharmacies. Take clay, water her divorce until thick cream, put on the face, on top you put some towels in order to keep it from drying out so quickly. And an hour and a half to rest and to think only of pleasure. Then neatly lines off your face a frozen mask of cloth soaked in the warmth – and all. Continue reading

Little secrets of big beautiful Russian women: how to look slimmer.

Russian girls3In pursuit of harmony Russian women resort to a variety of techniques and tricks: a well-known and not so universal and those that are not for everyone.

Concluding the series of articles on how to dress plump Russian girls, we offer a few more tips, many of which you will be able successfully to try on.
Wear dark wide belts that are a bit loose at the waist. This accessory will make your figure more proportional and slim waist.
Elegant jewelry to help visually lengthen the face and neck. Long necklaces, earrings and chains is better to wear as applicable, and not overdo it, pick one. If you have a round face and full neck, do not wear short large round beads and large earrings so you’ll look even better.

Large bags visually make the figure slimmer and slimmer. But do not choose a bag is too big, if your height is small.
Blouse or jacket with buttons in a row will make your figure slimmer. It triggered the law of vertical strips that are known to prolong the figure.
Vertical inserts on the sides (at the waist or hips) can visually reduce the size of the whole of your size! It is advisable to insert were of a darker fabric than the thing itself.
The fact that dark colors visually reduce the figure, there is even a scientific explanation. The human eye is designed so that all dark it seems smaller than the light. Therefore Russian beautiful girls in the body, wanting to hide it, it is better to give preference to dress brown, dark purple, dark blue and black. Continue reading

Hunt for men: little secrets.

D7xaKc__gCEMany Russian girls dream of a rich prince who would drive a Mercedes, gave huge bouquets of flowers, stuffed animals and owned a mansion in Italy.

Craving for a rich and prosperous life lies in our Russian girls nature. Indeed, since ancient times so happened that the beautiful woman took care of the family, kept the home, and a man to support his family. So look for our beautiful real prince, near which it was possible to forget about all the troubles and problems of life. However, very often this marriage does not bring happiness. And there is nothing surprising, because the money very quickly bored, and next to him would see her lover, who can cheer up even in the most difficult times, which is able to listen, to help and even sacrifice their own interests for us. So, let’s see how to choose the prince.

How to choose a man for family

If your dream is to arrange his personal life choices of men respectively. After all, the slightest mistake can break all your bright future. Because of this, try to know the man well, know all his habits, hobbies, and as much information about his family. In this case, in order to understand what your family is and how it will apply to you, look at the way his father treated his mother.

Also, in any case, do not forgive “minor” flaws or bad habits. For example, if a guy is abusing alcohol, but promises to give up, do not believe, as he never get rid of it. Yes, of course, possible for a while and he will fight with you, that it will only last a short time. Continue reading

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Little secrets of big beautiful Russian women: how to look slimmer.
In pursuit of harmony Russian women resort to a variety of techniques and tricks: a well-known and not so universal and those that are not for everyone. Concluding the series of articles on how to dress…...
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