Kate Sidorenko – Seventh breast size

russian-womanKate Sidorenko so convincingly played the nurse in the video that we immediately decided to get to know her better. And not because she has a natural breast size of the seventh. Seventh!

Kate, do you like the song Agutin before you took part in it?
Creativity Leonid Agutin I calmly – without hysteria and fanaticism. Before I shot, it was probably the favorite singer of my parents. But in the movie “Ai-ai-ai” is already a new Agutin, not the same as before: he has a new style and approach to the songs. So I like it more.

Agutin N’evergrin Thomas flirted with you?
After I transformed into a sexy nurse and burning, Leonid flirting, I do not deny it. He, like any other man, to show attention and compliment, but it is within the allowable. But with Thomas, I did not communicate. He seemed inadequate: go dancing, with none of the Russian girls do not communicate, not even once looked into his eyes. They had all the time running in different directions. Continue reading

Echo blondes – Elena Gornostaeva

russian-womanBack in 2008, the year the student Elena Gornostaeva at our information support won the contest Radio Energy «Battle Blondes” and became the leading morning show Black2White.

While fans of the aspiring DJ recognize her only by voice. We showed them what other talents hides ether. Perhaps because of our shooting and Lena was a trial period – and this is the fourth year mercilessly wakes you in the wake of 104.2. During this time we managed to lose the video to her – and to find again. For four years, it has become even better: Consistent well seasoned and were filled with new notes.

Tell us how you decided to join the fierce “battle of blondes?”
Standing in a traffic jam, I heard the announcement of the casting for the role of leading the morning show Black 2 White. I filled a questionnaire about a week – a very responsible attitude to this. Listened to almost all of esters to win. And won – year contract to broadcast on Radio Energy! Continue reading

Russian beauty Eugene Malakhova

russian girlEugene Malakhov was born October 28, 1988 in Moscow.

Interest in music Russian girl Eugene began to show as a child, soon learned to play the piano. Basics of acting and singing Malakhov comprehended in Musical Theatre Young Actors, which came at age 9, having a tough selection.

Fame came to Geneva in adolescence. Russian girl took an active part in various auditions, appeared regularly on television, recorded two hits (“Mama” and “wedge”) and took them clips. Busy with work did not prevent his wife in 2004 he graduated from high school and enrolled at the Faculty of Law at MSU.

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russian girl Zarif Mgoyan

zarinaShe was born July 26, 1983.
Feature art Russian singer is that its repertoire is “oriental exoticism” and “traditional pop music.”

The assets of Zara – release their debut album on cassette and CD (plus her songs were included in five different collections issued in St. Petersburg), “the” video recording of her two sold-out concerts and “solo” performed by the female party in the rock opera “Orpheus and Eurydice” video for Vladislav Zhukov “Where the river flows”, shot by renowned music video Oleg Gusev and incipient movie career – after attending Zara in the TV series “The Streets of Broken Lamps” and “Baron” of her being invited to participate in major film productions.

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From Russia with love: a calendar for Siberia

russian ladiesMake erotic calendar with Russian girls for the new year – the fashion trend of 2012: after the mills and factories, to strip workers of their own start and operators.

“We survived the end of the world and stay in touch in 2013,” – said in a press statement, the Russian company Avantel.
Walking along the beaten path – that is, stripping their own employees for the calendar – this Siberian PR telephone operator and internet decided to make manhood half-naked Russian women workers:
“Avantel” again gives you a calendar-like, as our staff and our colleagues are working 24/7/365 watch, in any weather and in any circumstances. Paper version, as before, you can not buy, you can only get a gift “- said in a statement.

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How to find a life partner
Smart, beautiful, and just a nice cute girl in his youth left alone. Mature thirty years is not far off, and it, strong man's shoulder, still no. What prevents many Russian women to marry and…...
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