Russian beauty Irina Shayk: new bikini in St Tropez

russian girlWhat can advertise bikini better than a beautiful body of Russian woman?

Only the body of supermodel Irina Shayk believes men online journal M PORT.
New photoshoot Supermodels with Russian roots came in handy to both sides of the creative process. Photographers and manufacturers of swimwear, barely recovered from the major winter holidays, immediately started thinking about the summer and rushed to embarrass the fair sex new styles and colors. What to Irina herself, she has turned a good reason not only once again remind ourselves her fans, but also to understand how wrong her boyfriend, football star Cristiano Ronaldo is the first magnitude, a wedding which has already been appointed, did not take place last year.
Be that as it may, but we have a great opportunity to learn the near future fashion bikini. It is no wonder that Irina was shot on the Riviera, in the city of Saint-Tropez, in all these multi-colored bathing suits, embroidered with sequins and military style bikini. You can watch something like his Russian lady of the heart – perhaps, found a similarity with the known model.

Russian pop star Elena Katina.

russian girlBirth of famous Russian girl Lena the son of renowned musician Sergey Katin, who at one time worked with a group of “Dune”, Marina Khlebnikov, and other representatives of show business.

In four years, at the initiative of the father to attend various sports clubs and music clubs to promote plasticity and creativity.
In seven years, began teaching in secondary school, and a year later entered music school, piano. In ten years, became a soloist of the famous children’s ensemble “Avenue” where she sang for three years. At 13, she joined the vocal-instrumental ensemble “Fidget”, where she met and became friends with Julia Volkova. At the audition, she sang a song in Spanish, and the commission struck tone of voice.


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Vera Brezhnev beautiful Russian girl actress.

russian girlThe most beautiful girl Vera Brezhnev – Ukrainian singer, actress, TV host, former member of pop group VIA Gra.

Vera Brezhnev, Galuska real name, was born in the Ukrainian heartland – in a suburb of Dnepropetrovsk Dneprodzerzhinsk – February 3, 1982. In the family of a member of Pridneprovsk chemical plant workers and steel plant, except the Faith, the younger three daughters – Galina older and younger twins Victoria and Anastasia.
Faith pushed to the stage dad. While on holiday in one of the houses of rest he put 4-year-old Faith on stage and said, “Dance.” Since then, the Russian girl can not stop. In high school, by the way, was the star of the future celebrity parties. She was well danced, played leading roles in plays, as well as participate in sports.
Since childhood, Vera Brezhnev devoted much time to his appearance, and education. Woman involved in sports, dancing, went to music school and took part in school competitions and performances. About a career in show business Vera never thought. In adolescence, the future actress dreamed of going to law school. As a result, she became a student of the correspondence department of Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Transport Engineers, majoring in economics. Graduate courses secretaries and even the drivers who worked with tutors in foreign languages. Continue reading

Russian girl Daria Verbova in journal W Magazine

russian sexy girlEarth angel – the ethereal, as before, the Russian model girlfriend Daria Verbova shot the photographer Ryan McGinley in the fresh air for these stunning images specifically for the January issue of the fashion magazine W Magazine.

Most romantic dresses Russian lady, perfectly fit into the images of flora from Valentino, Etro, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen. Daria Verbova – Ukrainian-Canadian model born 19 November 1983 in Krakow (Poland). When she was three years old, Ukrainian parents moved to Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, Canada. Daria is an avid sailor and spent three months in 2008 at the regatta over the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In 2011, she went to a two-month expedition from Guatemala, traveling through Central America to Costa Rica. Daria is perhaps the most famous model of the representatives of the French beauty brand Lancôme.


Russian ladies Kristina Asmus

russian womenKristina Asmus was born April 14, 1988 in Korolev (Kaliningrad), Moscow region.

Parents: Igor L. and Rada V. Asmus. Christine has three sisters: Elder – Olga and Catherine, and a younger – Karina.
Kristina Asmus went to drama school Shchepkin in 2008. He took courses actor Boris Klyuyev. Successful debut in the role of Barbara Chernous in comedy television series “Interns.”
In 2010, a Russian girl Kristina Asmus starred as Sasha in the detective director Nikolai Gusev, “Left a job.”

Sporting past
Kristine was eight years old when she watched the TV series “Wild Angel” and became a fan of all creativity Natalia Oreiro. Falling in love with the main character, Christine has since caught just dream of becoming an actress. But, for the time being, the dream remained a dream … The family of Christina lived very modestly. My father graduated from Bauman Institute, worked for some time in Rocket Center in Korolev, but was forced to go into business and to support a large family. Mom had time worked at several jobs, as well as to educate four daughters. Christine says: “We lived hard and very poor. Well I’ve seen parents bring us hard, and try not to disappoint.”


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Russian beauty Irina Shayk: new bikini in St Tropez
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