Maria Sharapova: “I will love you!”

Maria SharapovaRecent years, the Russian beauty is the richest athlete in the world.

True, most of its revenue from Maria Sharapova gets advertising contracts – with her model looks to do it quite easily. Let the luck on the tennis court is not always accompanied her to millions Sharapova embodies the ability to go to his dream – and still win.
Its rise preceded a terrible tragedy – an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. “If there was no Chernobyl, nothing would have happened. Most likely, I would not play tennis. But I have to say thanks to my parents, they were not afraid to take a chance that they gave fate. They have always been very brave people, and subconsciously I learned from their example, “- says the tennis player. Continue reading

Russian Beauty Vera Brezhnev.

russian woman Vera BrezhnevVera Brezhnev – Ukrainian singer, actress, TV host, former member of pop group VIA Gra.

Vera Brezhnev, Galuska real name, was born in the Ukrainian heartland – in a suburb of Dnepropetrovsk Dneprodzerzhinsk – February 3, 1982. In the family of a member of Pridneprovsk chemical plant workers and steel plant, except the Faith, the younger three daughters – Galina older and younger twins Victoria and Anastasia.

Faith pushed to the stage dad. While on holiday in one of the houses of rest he put 4-year-old Faith on stage and said, “Dance.” Since then, she can not stop. In high school, by the way, was the star of the future celebrity parties. She was well danced, played leading roles in plays, as well as participate in sports.

Since childhood, Vera Brezhnev devoted much time to his appearance, and education. Woman involved in sports, dancing, went to music school and took part in school competitions and performances. About a career in show business Vera never thought. In adolescence, the future actress dreamed of going to law school. As a result, she became a student of the correspondence department of Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Transport Engineers, majoring in economics. Graduate courses secretaries and even the drivers who worked with tutors in foreign languages.


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One of the sexiest girls Russian Lera Kudryavtseva.

Russian lady Lera KudryavtsevaLeroy! How did you live without us all these years? We do without you – awful. Only on TV and see, but every day.

I still work a lot, because I live in a very busy schedule. I have a culinary program “Eat hudey” on channel “TNT”, the “Moose TV” leading the show “Top 10” in the channel “TVC” – a program of “cultural exchange.”

Not a lot? Maybe give up something?
But this is what was left when I almost gave up everything!

Good to be a demand, but where you live?
And what kind of life you have in mind? Work – this is my life!

Possible. But among your show until there is not one where you have sex. And what is this life, if there is no sex?
Somehow, it seems to me that having sex in the TV show – this is not life. And no sex. Better I’m not going to combine these concepts. Especially in the transfer must always something to talk about. What kind of talk in bed?

What are you doing those rare evenings when, after his work still has to go home?
I either read or lay on edge, or take an aromatic bath, or occasionally have sex, so you have finally for me not to worry. I mean, not sex, and love – to me it seems more appropriate word.


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In the contest “Miss Moscow – 2012” The winner chose two

russian lady The final show of the beauty contest “Miss Moscow 2012” and press conference on the event, held at Cetera Theater on July 17.

Celebration of beauty, opened the meeting with the organizers of journalists – the chairman of the Council of All-Russian Public Movement “Russian Beauty”, the director of beauty contests “Miss Moscow” and “Beauty of Russia” Tatiana Andreeva and chairman of the jury of the contest “Miss Moscow”, the president of the Association of Russian Alexander Inshakova stunt. Besides them, the briefing was attended by Russian matchmaker, President of the Center revival of family traditions and Rose Syabitova winner “Miss Moscow 2010” Natalia Pereverzeva.
After Ms. Andreeva and Mr. Inshakov girls wished good luck and hoped that each of them will be able to hit the audience and jury of beauty and talent, the word has taken the most famous matchmaker Russia. Ms. Syabitova began his speech by saying: “Do not fail, and the beauty of the Russian land is not scanty for many years,” and then noted that, contrary to popular belief in Moscow unmarried women less than unmarried men (over 1 million singles have only 800 thousand members of the fairer sex). Rose admitted that today, not only to participate in the selection of the most beautiful Muscovites, but also find the girls for the First Russian National Ball brides and grooms, scheduled for September 30. And Natalia Pereverzeva, endowing all those present with a warm smile, expressed confidence that the winner of the contest will be the best in everything: beauty, goodness and mercy.


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In the Russian city of Vladivostok have chosen “Miss Coast 2012.”

russian girlIn Vladivostok, the final of “Miss Coast 2012.” Of the 12 girls jury had to choose one – very bright, glamorous and smart, one that will be worthy to wear the title of the local beauty queen.

Contestant, as always, had to pass several tests: a swimsuit fashion show, an intellectual contest, fashion show in a wedding dress. Participants not only shine with her charm and beauty, but also erudite and plastics in the dance.

The jury and the audience were presented creativity nominees. I enjoy the girls have been very diverse and extensive: from hobbies water bike to Eastern dance and martial arts.

Many of the girls have participated in the competition for the first time. Some of them said that their destiny is not going to associate with modeling.

“Time on stage flew too fast and want to repeat all of these feelings. I do not expect anything special from the competition, it’s just another interesting event in the life to test their strength and capacity,” – said one of the participants Olesya Georgia.

“Something new is always fun and gives a lot of experience in my life” – says another beauty Catherine Arnaut.


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In the contest "Miss Moscow - 2012" The winner chose two
The final show of the beauty contest "Miss Moscow 2012" and press conference on the event, held at Cetera Theater on July 17. Celebration of beauty, opened the meeting with the organizers of journalists -…...
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