Russian models conquered the world podium.

russian girlConquer the world podium – the dream and goal of every girl, who will begin her modeling career.

Behind the “iron curtain” between our country and the world, the lack of competent agents, and poor knowledge of the language for a long time it was believed that Russian beauties break into the world’s catwalks almost impossible. But more and more Russian models conclude million contract with leading model houses of the world …
The first association with the word “Russian model that conquered the West” – of course, Natalia Vodianova. A girl from a poor family, who lived with his mother and sister with a disability and forced to work 11 years in the market, to somehow help support his family, was one of the highest paid models in the world. Russian beauty, to visit their mother in Nizhny Novgorod model studio photographer spotted the capital. He offered to come to the girl of fifteen samples in Moscow. Next Natalia waited Paris, though not with open arms. She had to go through a lot of auditions before you enter into the world of high fashion. However, when the “Russian Cinderella” could see the offers she had no lack. Vodianova advertised brands such as Chanel, Gucci, L’Oreal Paris … The fashion house Calvin Klein suggested she become an official product in 2003. This contract which ensured Natalia title of one of the most expensive models, was made after the year before she led almost all the fashion shows of the leading fashion designers in the Fashion Week.

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Julia Mikhalkov (Ural dumplings)

Beautiful girls, who can not only fun, but also to laugh at themselves – a Julia Mikhalkov sex goddessrarity. Even in such beauties Comedy Woman one-two and a handful! What was our joy when we discovered that the show “Ural dumplings” one of the ten participants still female!

Tell me, you often forget to text at a concert?

Not often, I am on stage is very assembly. I was there as ice, and at home – as Vodicka: can two days rest and sleep. But if you forget the text, not necessarily scream. Our guys sometimes forget the words, and nothing, invent on the fly just as well.

You’re in the credits of “Ural dumplings” is listed as the author. Do yourself write jokes?

I came up with a thumbnail and two songs – about the “Porsche” and lips. “Lips, lips, download, girls, lips! With beautiful lips will get you all! ”

Are you pumped up after this song my lips?

No, I generally do not download anything. Just look in the picture differently: I and chest, and butt look bigger. It turns out some way of silicone.


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