Russian pop star Elena Katina.

russian girlBirth of famous Russian girl Lena the son of renowned musician Sergey Katin, who at one time worked with a group of “Dune”, Marina Khlebnikov, and other representatives of show business.

In four years, at the initiative of the father to attend various sports clubs and music clubs to promote plasticity and creativity.
In seven years, began teaching in secondary school, and a year later entered music school, piano. In ten years, became a soloist of the famous children’s ensemble “Avenue” where she sang for three years. At 13, she joined the vocal-instrumental ensemble “Fidget”, where she met and became friends with Julia Volkova. At the audition, she sang a song in Spanish, and the commission struck tone of voice.


Soon Russian beauty Lena left the band because of their age – in “fidget” sing up to a maximum of 14 years. In 15 years, has successfully passed the casting for the musical project, soon called “Tattoo.” Later in the draft, was credited second Russian girl – Yulia Volkova, who as a result of casting was in second place after Lena. Producer Ivan Shapovalov team before starting the project “the masses” came up with the story of two girls lesbians. However, in reality Yulia and Lena were with normal sexual orientation. Lena, by the way, a deep believer. On weekends, she tries not to let the service in the church. It complies with all the posts, and read prayers. It was she who initiated the order to disclose the fact that “tattoo” never were lesbians. Shapovalov was against. The confrontation escalated into a legal battle resulting in lost power producer Shapovalov.

New producer was brand owner tATu Boris Renski. In connection with pregnancy duo significantly reduced the number of performances. And later was disbanded altogether during maternity leave Yulia Volkova. At this time Lena twisted romance with a lawyer Anatoly. “Tatu” on personal income has bought an apartment in the same house where the parents live. There soon drove young. Katina told her friends on the big secret that they plan to marry Tolia. But not to the wedding place. In late 2007, Lena broke up with Anatoly.

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