russian girl Zarif Mgoyan

zarinaShe was born July 26, 1983.
Feature art Russian singer is that its repertoire is “oriental exoticism” and “traditional pop music.”

The assets of Zara – release their debut album on cassette and CD (plus her songs were included in five different collections issued in St. Petersburg), “the” video recording of her two sold-out concerts and “solo” performed by the female party in the rock opera “Orpheus and Eurydice” video for Vladislav Zhukov “Where the river flows”, shot by renowned music video Oleg Gusev and incipient movie career – after attending Zara in the TV series “The Streets of Broken Lamps” and “Baron” of her being invited to participate in major film productions.

As a child, Russian girl Zara graduated from music school, piano.

She sings with the 12 years, gathered an impressive collection of prizes and awards of various singing competitions (where her skills assessed Mahmoud Esambayev Joseph Kobzon, Yuriy Malikov, Andrei Petrov and other masters of the Russian platform.)

In 12 years, Zara, she released her first single “Heart of Juliet.”

In 1997, Zara became a finalist in TV contest “Morning Star” (Moscow), and won the Grand Prix at the International Festival “Let the children laugh” (Cairo and Port Said, Egypt). In 1998 – the Grand Prix of “Hope of Siberia” (Omsk), the open competition of the new children’s song “Birthday” and international television competition “Hit of the year” (both – St. Petersburg). Two years in a row at the “Hope of Europe” (Sochi) Zara received the diploma of the first degree, and the winner of the Grand Prix, and in 1999 in Sochi at the “Voice-99” it won the Audience Choice Award.

In November 1999, the young singer was awarded the science and culture of St. Petersburg “Star Prometheus”, established by academician Dmitry Likhachev. Finally, in 2000, won the first Zara St. Petersburg contest of young performers “Spring Romance”.

In October 2001, the Coordinating Council of the creative unions and the Academy of Public Relations presented Dawn diploma certifying that the singer Zara became the winner of “Hope of Russia” for victory in international competitions and festivals singers in 1998-2000.

In March 2002, Zara gives sold-out solo concert at the Concert Hall “October” in a symphony orchestra.

In November 2002, a Russian woman Zara gets the “Golden Gramophone” in the Ice Palace for the song “The Color of Night.”

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