Where to find a good Russian girl?

What unites all the single russian women?Russian girls

They all want to find a beautiful girlfriend. Just do not know where to find a girlfriend? The question is really complicated. It’s not as easy as it seems. Just because the first counter to not go up and say, “your mother-in-law is not needed?”. Many people do so, but for most it is an insurmountable barrier. What if she does not want to talk, and suddenly she was busy, etc. This is really scary. But we have to overcome this barrier. But you can not just meet on the street, why? There are a lot of other places.

Shopping center.

But after the street on so many russian girls. And where a lot of them? That’s right, in the shopping centers. All beautiful girls like shopping. It relaxes them. But that’s not all. Almost all shopping centers are young russian girls consultant. This is also a good option.

For a beautiful woman in the store is not as easy as it seems. The fact is that one by one they go there often, and if a beautiful girl is in the crowd, then there will be much more difficult. Better acquainted with that which is alone.

Only here before and come to learn, always first be like her. And a little watch. Suddenly, she came with a guy. Then you’d better not be suitable, especially if it is 2 meters tall. And just you yourself will be unpleasant. So, before you meet, you need to carefully look for the russian girl.

And what do you do if you like a young saleswoman? Do not come to her at once. First go up and pretend that you choose a gift to someone. Or something else. It does not matter you are a buyer and ask her for help. And then the trick. Go smoothly with this topic for another conversation. For what? The one you need. Ask her name, if she has a boyfriend, etc. (But do it gently, and then some will behave as the interrogation). If you gently ask her if it would be obvious that you stick to it, but it would be nice to her.



In libraries, the number of beautiful girls outnumber boys by 10 times. This means that you can go there to meet beautiful women. Moreover, if she is sitting in the library, so it is smart and does some work.

How to approach a russian women? She also works busy. Start a conversation with a parallel theme. Ask her how to find a certain section of the library. In any case, it will show it to you or not, ask what she is working on, and what her hobbies in general, and her name, after all. So little by little you will continue your conversation and at the end ask her after her work somewhere to rest. Sit together at a cafe or a movie. But it is up to you. The main thing that she agreed to meet you.


It’s just perfect. Especially if there is already a lot of people. You came to the cafe and understand that there will be no free tables, then you can step up to the table, where sits a lonely beautiful girl and ask to sit down, because the place is no more. If she agrees, then you need to act. Start a conversation about something distant, well, well, as always.

But what do you do when the people in the cafe is not very much. Just sit down and tell her you do not like to sit alone. Certainly, it will not be against it.

Place of work / study.

But then I would advise you not to look for a mate. If you are studying or working together in the same department, your relationship to them little. And if you do not get relationships, here you will generally be tight. You’ll then for a long time to avoid each other. And in communion appears uncomfortable. Believe me, it happens in 90% of cases.

You can find a russian girl, if you are studying in different faculties or work in different departments. Then you’ll be less likely to be seen. And your relationship does not interfere with work. So it will be much better.


Usually in such places, they appear before you in all its glory. Usually these girls often are drawn to adventure. So she probably agrees with you somewhere to go. And there is a trick.

But that’s not all. Not enough to approach a beautiful girl and tell her hello. You need to follow a few rules.

When meeting with the girl do not attack immediately. If you head on to ask her name, her age, where she lived and what her residence, nothing good will come of it. You must be a smooth transition to talking about it. He asked what her hobbies, etc. She should tell you everything.

Be polite. It is almost impossible to bend the stick (but “you” still need to go.) Open the door for her when you go somewhere, carry her bag, etc. I know a guy who had a lot of girls. And why not? It is different beauty, it does not have a lot of money, which he lures them, he just knows how to deal with them. He acts with the russian girls as if they were the last girl in his life, and if she refuses him, he shall die. He politely talk to her, when to kiss, when to defend, etc.

Dressed. If you’re dressed like a local homeless person, then you’d better not come to the ball at all. You must wear both stylish and catchy. Wear a jacket and tie is not necessary. But the T-shirt “I love the house-2” will not work. Put on a black shirt, or any other, but not completely white, it should be on the picture. For you to be something different.

Well, that’s all. Let’s summarize. What should you do? Man can find almost anywhere. Important not to be a pillar, but to act. She herself would never meet with a guy myself. Well, almost never. Take the initiative in their own hands. When meeting with a girl you do not have to give her a questioning, act calmly and confidently. If you are afraid to get acquainted with the girl, then try to turn it into a joke. Do everything as a joke, and if it works, then you tell her that it’s serious. Before going to look for the girl, you have to get dressed properly. And be polite. Not only on the first date, but generally in life.

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