Why guys are afraid of beautiful Russian girls?

79cDTxDY0k4Just want to disprove the title – this is not the guys and russian girls that not only will make themselves beautiful, so more and scare guys.

No, nothing to do with beauty. If you – hot babe that has all the characteristics of a reference point, and the guys in front of you timid or stop ringing after two or three visits, then blame yourself, not your looks. In general, the russian women decided to blame the men in many evils only because they do not want themselves to change attitudes. Of course, you need to take care of yourself, go to the beauty salon, to eat, to dress stylishly, but still not the point. So why guys become afraid of russian girls?.

Talk about male insecurity can be long, and in some cases it is present. Fear of failure when meeting with a beautiful girl extremely negative impact on delicate male psyche. A man who for once gets into that situation, experiences further problems, not only in his personal life, but also in communicating with others and career.
On the other hand, russian girls, positioning themselves beauties behave arrogantly and haughtily, and because men – the same people who want understanding, affection and care. Be a chapter in a relationship with beauty is not always possible. And if we assume that many fans can make the poor guy significant competition, then generally a disaster. Though a man and a hunter, more sense from his hunting mammoths than beautiful women skirt. And all the individuals of a strong half understand it.
Many men with a well-groomed appearance beautiful girls with goddesses are speechless and strategy hunter, because thanks to innovations in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery russian girls put a lot of himself in creation, so even decently wealthy men are afraid of displeasing such ladies. This is understandable. Usually, a beautiful women, Million Dollar Baby (even if things unpretentious style of the neighboring market picked up, and her hair done Sister Barber) cause the man question “whether she will like my car? Will there be enough money for an expensive ring? “These issues really does not have to do with real feelings and mutual support, and yet these qualities are directly related to, something to strive for even the most sophisticated beauty. Therefore, my dear russian girl, you think: is it worth to yield trends glamor and fleeting ideals of beauty at the expense of true love.

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