Why not man gives flowers

Why not man gives flowersAlmost every Russian woman wants to receive a gift flowers more often than it is. Almost every man frankly do not understand.

Beautiful women need ongoing emotional nourishment – proof of love’s choice. So uncomplicated proof is given a bouquet or a single rose – no matter the important fact. During courtship colors were many, and in their joint life suddenly became a beautiful woman and wondered why the man does not gives flowers.
Reason on the surface.

During courtship, a man really proves that he loves. Once married, he already proved. It is hard to disagree. Is there a stronger proof of love than marriage? No. This is the warehouse male mind. More mathematical and pragmatic. From a male point of view, flowers – waste of money, they wilted and everything and no joy, and practical use and was not.

Why not man gives flowersNature is so ordered, giving Russian women rich emotional background. Fairly clearly outline man argument (not a hint and not beat around the bush, and the need to explain clearly) and flowers appear again in the house.

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