Women’s beauty secrets

In his last article, “How to attract a man,” I talked about his view of female attractiveness. Today we talk about beauty.

Of course, this is not the same thing. You probably noticed that many of the less beautiful women out of your life, often live much happier home life than you. It is also true that many sexy women, who may seem to you more beautiful than you can enter a list of the most miserable and lonely people in the world.

Goes, beauty – not the main, or at least not the only criteria that guide men in choosing a life partner. So what is beauty? What is her secret? Of course, beautiful women can be called the feature, which is given to us by nature. But at the same time, of course, the beauty of the impact can be. And we must. How? Now let’s talk.
Beauty – is a relative term. Everyone is their own. But then beauty – is social norms. That is, in the society portrayed in some of the standards that define what is beautiful and what is not. These standards are called fashion. And, as you know, fashion – it’s a thing that varies depending on time and place. For example, 30 years ago people were praising and clothing, which now do not be in demand. Each generation will blindly follow the fashion of the time and make fun of fashion previous generation. Another example: you can wonder at the persistence with which through the gradual increase the number of rings, sexy women of some tribes grow long “swan” neck. For these tribes is the standard of beauty, which they adhere.
Currently, under the standard of female beauty are adjusted using either the fashion magazines, models or Playboy. Think how much this standard is different from the hot women that drew artists Rubens and Rembrandt. However, not all men worship these ideals. Standard by definition denies individuality, and the world is not so few people who are looking for this individual. Spend a little experiment: asked around friends and strangers, what are their views on beauty. Perhaps you surprised by the result of this experiment. Despite the fact that many men are inclined towards modern standards, yet you will notice that every man gives his answer, which is different from all others. And often, these responses reflect a wonderful experience in the lives of men. He may unconsciously describe his mother. Or his wife. Or just a beautiful woman in his life, which he had occasion to talk. Why? And all because of sexual attraction, women are much more important for men than her beauty. However, we have already talked about earlier.
So, beauty – is, above all, fashion. A fashion, as we know – is a matter of taste, which is not arguing. If the clothing somehow still makes sense to follow the fashion, the fashion for women’s appearance followed a much more useless. Human face, human figure, human gait, etc. – These are the things that are very quickly stale without the presence of these individuals. Take, for example, the same woman’s breast, which is so much controversy. I personally can say that many of my friends prefer small breasts curvaceous. So I do not advise you to do breast augmentation surgery and the more stuff in bra pads. This is the deception, which, when revealed, can strongly discourage you from a man who builds on you serious plans.
One of my friends, who are overweight, says she just does not give a pass men who are older than her by 10 years or more. Moreover, she told me that one of these men greatly helped her to part with their systems, self-esteem, to feel attractive. The man saw the beauty in it, which is not seen by others, and she had a very strong psychological support.
But to have the appearance, of course, is, and is engaged to her hard and regularly. And it is desirable to carry perseverance through life, and not only through premarital period, as many do. Trouble many sexy women, I would say, the trouble of our education, the fact that women are destined too passive role. Our women are literally raising wait “prince on a white horse”, doing nothing for them to appear. I remember a good anecdote about how one woman believed that one day her “Prince Charming” will come out from under her bed and lead her to the altar. Years went by, and the prince did not come. And then, when she was forty, she asked for advice from his colleague at work. That she categorically said that we should not sit idly by, but to act. Then she put in her room the second bed to increase the chance.
The idea of ​​a sexy woman, as homemakers, strongly influenced by the Russian and world folklore. If you take any tale princes and princesses, you can draw attention to the fact that the image of the Prince – it is always a way, endowed with a certain set of qualities: courage, honesty, generosity, determination, etc. And the image of a princess – it is usually quite blurred image is some prize some trophy for that fight and are measured by man. That is, it appears that personality pretty princess is soft and faded. Unfortunately or fortunately, in life, things are a bit different. Perhaps inconspicuous  sexual woman and handsome man will marry anyone, but is likely to do so on reasonable motives, for example, if it is a good housekeeper. And the hearts of men a woman tremble not make. Win the hearts of men, women are bright, watching them and emphasizing their individuality. This is all the components of female attractiveness, which is an important part of the beauty and the ability to look after themselves. So make sure to be engaged in their appearance, and creating their own personality, if you still have not done that. Surrounding men and women will notice it pretty quickly.
Now a few words about cosmetics. Let us first consider the question of whether and how much lipstick is bright. Fortunately for women, this is one of the few components of the make-up, on which the vast majority of men are quite unanimous opinion – paint! Lipstick on Freud – is a direct sign of sexuality, as painted lips – it is an imitation of excited labia. Bear this in mind when you use lipstick. This is the same law that the choice of the length of the skirt. The brighter will be dyed your lips, the more you will desire to symbolize sex and the more you will attract men that are only for sex.
It is time to go to the application of makeup on her eyes. Basically, it employs the same rule as for the lipstick. Bright eyes – it’s like a sexual stimulus for men. With only one important difference. Very brightly painted eyes of the majority of men do not like them, they seem to be unaesthetic. I interviewed many of his friends on this issue and all of them as one, say that the eyes – this is an area where cosmetics should be small. That is, it should not be seen “naked” eye. I have long noticed that the symbiosis factors such as culture, education, and intelligence of women – those things which directly depends amount of makeup she puts on her eyes. Each of us wants something to stand out from the others, and if a sexy woman can not find other ways to do this, it starts to go to far with makeup. And all the reasons that most men (and women too) do not like it, these women are not listening. Therefore, if the brightly painted eyes – it is time your case in this article, I urge you to think about the fact that men are much more responsive to a make-up that they do not see, than the one that catches the eye.
With this I conclude. Since I am a man, it’s hard to give you good advice on how to monitor their appearance. But I hope that all of what I wrote above, there will be useless to you.

Women's beauty secrets
In his last article, "How to attract a man," I talked about his view of female attractiveness. Today we talk about beauty. Of course, this is not the same thing. You probably noticed that many…...
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